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Late Notice Ride - Sunday 13th July - NOT newbie friendly

Discussion in 'VIC' started by [FLUX], Jul 12, 2008.

  1. The weather forecast is looking okay at this stage. A slightly later start to allow roads to dry as some light overnight rain is forecast.

    This will be a short-medium length ride in the hills north of the city. We'll aim to break up in Healesville area.

    Ride Date: Sunday 13th July, 2008
    Ride Meet Time: 10:15am gathering. Leaving at 10:30am sharp. Don't be late!
    Ride Meet Point: Yarra Glen "Original Cafe". Corner of King and Bell St (Melba Hwy), Yarra Glen. Melways Ref: 274 K2 Google Map
    Ride Route: Undisclosed - come along and be adventerous - NO dirt!
    Ride Break Up: Healesville
    Ride Distance: Approx. 250kms

    Ride will not suit beginners, if only because a number of the roads travelled are quite technical in nature and the pace will be fairly warm given the roads.

    Hope to see you road-burners there!
  2. Well, lots of reads but no takers yet. I'll still be there. If you've never met me, I don't bite, I just like to ride and enjoy good roads.
  3. fark the one weekend you post a ride and i have a tooth ache and a thumping headache :mad: tried to put my helmet on, but alas only makes my tooth ache worse :cry: have fun
  4. SHEPPO mentioned this ride may be happening yesterday. Would've loved to tag along FLUX, but I feel like shit ATM ( kinda hungover, although I don't think I drank enough for that .. my guess food poisoning ( was chuckin last night ) thx to Frankston RSL :roll:

    Have a Good Ride !
  5. Well, no one turned up (other than myself). My daughters had asked me to take them out to lunch before I left this morning, so I took the fun way home and arrived home in time to do that with them, so all was good.

    stewy, low/zero turnout is exactly why I so rarely post rides here any more. I go riding for a full day almost every weekend (much further afield than the usual close-by loops), and get out for half a day mid-week most weeks as well.

    Most of my weekend rides are organised among an extended informal group of riding buddies, many of whom are on Netrider too. Every now and then I do post rides here in the hopes of catching anyone else who likes to ride and see new stuff as much as we do, but almost always it ends with no one from Netrider turning up. Why is that?

    If anyone's interested in me keeping you in touch with what rides we're headed on, drop me a PM and I'll send you a PM when something's happening.
  6. So how come the the newbie friendly ride got a few turnout?
  7. Probably cos it was short notice, most people have their weekends organized in advance, modern times and all. But I'm a noob so you wouldn't have wanted me there anyway. :roll:
  8. i would have come if i'd checked netrider last night or this morning.

    next weekend maybe?
  9. Just log on
    missed this would have turn up
  10. It's all cool guys. Next week if it's looking to be dry, I'll repost, and try to give at least four day's notice.

    No need for people to take offense at the "not newbie friendly" title. That's just me being a bit tongue in cheek what with a large number of "newbie friendly" rides being posted lately. If you're a confident rider capable of getting along on tricky winding roads without scaring yourself every third corner, you're welcome to come along. Otherwise past experience has proven that at least one person, if not more, will visit the scenery and come to grief. Don't want that to happen to anyone. i.e. Confident, independent riders who have the experience in hand to ride their own ride and not get overly caught up in the thrill of the chase and find themselves shiny side down.

    Anyway, no dramas. We'll try to get something going again soon! :wink:

    BTW Tony - I must've missed it. What bike are you riding now?
  11. Needed more notice! at least a full day. I was hoping to do a ride on Sunday but didn't log on to check forums on Sat night, so haven't read this till now!
  12. Have a TT600 2002 model
    Blue 17,000 k's