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Late notice Ride 25/6

Discussion in 'NSW' started by VTRBob, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Ok so I have a well overdue few days off, and looking at the weather
    tomorrow [ Fri 25th ] has the best weather window of the next four days.

    So the plan is leaving Camden around 9 then heading towards the coast
    Via razorback / Picton rd to the Gong then up the coast through to Bulli then wing it from there.

    I'm open to other suggestions or 'sorry I have to work but can always have a coffee break on your way past' :)

  2. just 1 of the rides i have missed by not checking this section enough, would have been a good ride too
  3. It was :cheeky: two tanks of fuel and just on 360k's \\:D/
  4. 2 tanks? what you riding?
  5. Not even one tank on my bike, gees I'm going to miss the GS economy when I upgrade.... :(
  6. when u leaving Joe? Friday?
  7. Yep, leaving 6AM Fri...
    Can't wait, only half day work tomorrow then getting last minute things ready.
    Yes I have my thermals, etc... but weekend looking good in Sydney ATM.
  8. Bit slow today are we Goz ? :cheeky:

    um VTR .... Bob

    The big thumpers never had a big range, the 03 is better than the 00 I had on fuel but still very thirsty unless using the throttle stop :angel:

    A few years ago when I had an FJR1300 as well as the VTR I almost made a mess in my jeans when I got almost 400k out of one tank on a spirited two up ride ! :rofl:
  9. lol indeed i am