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Late notice - Putty night run tonight 26/5

Discussion in 'NSW' started by TheYak, May 26, 2008.

  1. Meet 8:30 at Windsor Mobil. Bring your cojones and a fuel tank big enough to get to Singo :LOL: PM or post up if you're coming, will last check around 6:30.

    Note: NOT for newbies.
  2. Bring your cojones indeed. :shock:
    Tell me if you see any ghosts. :LOL:

    Have a safe run!
  3. Watch out for that crazy lady in white who prays to the putty.
  4. Thanks Deadsy, will do :)

    Phiz, I keep telling you - it was a dude :p
  5. You are either very brave or very stupid; the Putty is home to some of the stupiest livestock, craziest truckers and biggest wombats around. I guess if you've got great lights it's ok, but I certainly would only travel the Putty at night if I had to, and then under duress.
  6. I wasn't meaning to offend, but I have been travelling that road for over 30 years and it's right at the top of the 'don't do it at night list' for me.

    I know you're not stupid, but just be careful, OK??? :)
  7. Thanks mate, we ride with safety as a primary concern :)
  8. Good luck guy's, relative clear night, I have to agree with Hornet. I have ridden that road several times at night, wombats & wallabies would be my biggest worry followed by stray livestock. Early hours of the morning is when the Putty is very quiet and wombats come out to forage.
    Bloody late notice though, If I knew earlier I may have went.
    Let me know how many near misses with the wildlife!

    Tex & Bundy
  9. Super run. No wildlife on the road, bar a stray cat in Singleton :p
  10. Good news. And there are ALWAYS stray cats in Singleton :wink: :LOL:.
  11. :rofl:

    Tex & Bundy
  12. Well, you could have told us! :evil: :LOL: ...there was almost one less :p
  13. I thaught this was hapnin on wednesday :?
  14. I think its happening then too :LOL:
  15. Has already happened :p Was going back for seconds, but weather computer says no :cry:
  16. Good to hear it all went well.
  17. Hey Yak gotta do the Oxley at night...... :shock: :shock:
  18. When are we going??
  19. oh come on your not gonna make me miss out again? leave it a few months till it gets warmer. Would take more then one night for me to walk that :LOL:
  20. What are you wearing to ward off the cold and how cold did you get?