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*Late notice* putty loop SUNDAY 4/5/08

Discussion in 'NSW' started by idontlikemondays, May 3, 2008.

  1. Gday all,

    A few of us are hitting up this ride this sunday morning for a brisk ride.

    RIDE Class IV

    START: Asquith BP*, LEAVING at 0800. so if you want to fuel up, have a cancer stick, gougher etc get there early.

    ROUTE: first hit will be the old faithful old pacific hwy (in all honesty ill be taking it easy in this section, it becomes dodgems on a sunday morning) untill we hit peats ridge road. Up peats ridge road untill the next fuel stop at Kulnurra (some of us will be on thumpers so need to stop frequently for fuel). from there the road into wollombi (no break) and straight onto Broke for fuel, then hitting the putty.
    it is my intent to do a few laps of 10 mile, but thats up to you. next stop is halfway house for fuel (possibly lunch) and then the slog home back to richmond.

    This is NOT a learners ride, i would seriously prefer if novices didnt come, we'll be setting a brisk pace, with short stops. mates of mine on their P's are coming, and thats cool because i know they can chuck a bike through a corner and not fart arse around, there is a learners ride at the end of the month going ahead, so do that if your a jewb.
    i want to be rolling through Windsor NLT 1400, which can be easily done.

    Anyhoo, thats the golf oscar.

    Hope to see some of you there.


    *ASQUITH BP the juctions of the Pacific Hwy and Jersey St Nth Asquith, its the big fcuk off green thing on the corner there, you cant miss it.
  2. Sounds good to me. I'll c u there! :cool:
  3. Haha, great to have you along Sav, but you won't see much of me this time apart from a small speck in your mirror...you'll see why tomorrow :cool:
  4. I'll be there. I'm leaving in 10 mins.
  5. Guess you guys that turned up would have been wondering where I got to.
    As we left the servo this morning, I was last out. You had all turned right at the lights and I went through just as it turned orange. I was in the left lane and some pr!ck came screaming through in the right lane and cut across my front, hitting me and I went over. FFFFF@@@@@@@@@@RRRRKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!! They didn't even stop. Bastards! For all they knew I could have been hurt. (I wasn't luckily but he/she would have been had they stopped)

    Some people pulled over to help me get the bike up but unfortunately no one got a plate number.

    Damage to the bike you ask? All cosmetic - Right hand fairing, top fairing(had to gaffer tape it on for the trip home), brake lever, barend, engine cover, my beautiful gilles rearset(new peg), exhaust and master cylinder bracket is bent.

    Sorry if you guys were stressing over where I might have gone. Don't have anyones contact details. Hope you all had a top day anyway. I was really looking forward to 10 mile. Even brought my cam to record it. Next time.

    There is an upside or two. I didn't cry for one. I also got to test out my new leathers and yes they do work.

    Guess I shouldn't have been wearing this shirt in hindsight

    sorry didn't resize it.
  6. The Sav, So good to see you are OK, bike can be repaired.
    Did any of the guys have your number?

    Cheers Lou
  7. Thanks for your concern Lou. You're right the bike can be repaired although in the circumstances I would have prefered if it was a right off.
    If you could text one of the guys and let them know what happened it would be appreciated.
  8. Just got back from Putty myself, couple of coppers hiding off the road about a k south of the half way house (Sneaky Barstools).Hope no one got done. hey sav sorry to hear what happened mate but hey you lived to tell us about it so thats a good thing!!!

    Cheers Bob
  9. Just got home. Yeah Sav we were worried about yo. Glad to here yo were OK.

    No of us got done, they already had someone pulled over.

    Just checked the rear tire, and it is balled up nicely on the sides, but the middle is gone. Need a new one now. A PBR for me of shortest tire life, 6.5K.

    Thank you to all the guys that turned up, it was a great day, and the weather was perfect (pity the food at the Halfway house wasn't).

    See you all on the next ride.
  10. Sav, you've got PM mate - can't believe what happened :?

    Bob! Saw you on the sweepers, I was on that orange thing that went past and then kicked ya past again, new bike just couldn't muster the steam uphill :LOL: New bike looks very nice mate! :grin:

    Great ride for the rest of it, had an absolute ball doing a few laps of 10 Mile, the motard's going to be a lot of fun once I learn to ride it :p

    Thanks to all for the company!
  11. Ahhh sheet Yak didnt realize that was you mate< lol i only have 485 ks up on her mate so yeh i was having a little play than backing off. I had good fun though ,cant wait till shes run in :grin:
  12. Good ride, thanks all for company. Sav that SUCKS! Can't believe we didn't notice any commotion in rear mirrors! Otherwise some could have attended to you and the bike whilst the rest chased the c0ck with glass-smashers :evil: Glad you're alright, we figured you must have stopped at the mobil or road warriors or something :S

    This ride failed to kill my rear tyre, damn! Its indestructible I tell you, and not in a good way :shock:
  13. Bob, yeah you must be itching to open it up - don't think I'd have the self-control :LOL:

    I'll kill it for ya Jared? :grin:
  14. It'll likely still be haunting me by the time you get fulls, so for sure :rofl:
  15. That sux Sav.. glad you are ok. Didn't anyone come back for you? Did you call cops to report the accident? Hey Jared......just go and buy some new tyres the wait is killing me!! How many Kays have you got out of them now? :shock:
  16. Not sure, they were on the bike when I bought it about 10000kms ago :LOL:
  17. Hey Sav, no not the Gixxer!!! Sorry to hear about what happened, at least you came out of it in one piece. Did the cops come? Any details about the car? Guess it probably won't help much .
  18. Steve - I didn't really expect anyone to come back as the next stop was probably an hour away.

    As for the police, one happened to pull up just after it happened. Made a report, not that it will do much good though. Cop told me he didn't want to see me on the Old Road. :shock: I had no right hand foot peg and my top fairing was gaffer taped on. WTF would I be doing going up the Old Road like that? The ride home was interesting enough. Not easy to ride minus a peg. Better than minus a leg though as the way I was swiped that was a near possibilty.

    Still can't believe the morals of some people. I do hope karma catches up with them in a big way.
  19. hey sav, good to hear you are ok ! , when everyone regrouped at kulnura we realised that you may have stopped or gone home ? nobody really thought you may have had a accident ! i assumed your bike might have had a problem as you had previously mentioned , & thought you decided to go home ! thanks all for the great days ride. easy to spot yak now as he is riding a jaffa ! go the chookie !
  20. Chris, we learnt a fair bit about the importance of contact details today - deliberated for ages deciding whether to go back from Kulnurra, in the end figured you'd be gone either way by the time the 60km backtrack was done.

    Hell yeah. The speckled hens at Halfway House ran for it (ever so slowly) as soon as they saw it...and heard talk of BBQ lunch :p

    Oh, and thanks for the wheelies Mal, love 'em.