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[LATE NOTICE] Old pac putty and return Old pac TODAY

Discussion in 'NSW' started by jeffatav, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Very late notice, but anyone wants to join myself and a mate, we are riding from Berowra Mobil at 8.30am up old pacific highway with a coffee stop at Kulnurra, a leg stretch at Wollombi, fuel stop at Broke, "lunch" at Halfway at putty and then reverse the route to finish at Berowra.

    Leaving BEROWRA MOBIL AT 8.30am.
  2. Bugger, just woke up :'(
  3. LOL - lazy git... :wink:

    First awesome weather day in ages and you're in bed [-X
  4. Well no, I was still up when Jeff was posting his idea about it, hence the problem! :LOL:
  5. And where were you Dee????

    Hope ya had a ride.

    I had a really good run there and back and just on 500k's later, went for a swim. 10 mile was as awsome as always and pretty deserted and the Kulnura/Wollombi/ Broke roads were good.

    But Jerry's burger at kulnura was the best!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

  6. I was out on the HRCA ride watching all the netriders disappear in the distance :( ;) :grin:

    Glad you had a great ride... I have trouble deciding each week whether to try new routes cause there's so many I haven't done, or go back to do the ones I have done cause I loved them so much... particularly Putty. :? It's not exactly the worst dilemma to be in though :wink: Will try to get out with you next time :grin:
  7. Yeah I love Putty, but really only the ten mile section.

    I found this way (Old highway- wollombi- broke- 10 mile- reverse 10 mile etc) better because I have found the straights from 10 mile to Colo a little boring and I get two hits of ten mile and I like the road from Wollombi to Kulnura in southerly direction better, plus I get to finish with Old Pacific and closer to home at the end (don't have to do the druggery of the M7, M2 and Lane Cove Road)

    Just my opinion of course.

  8. May try it that way ^^ next time... or the time after... or the time after that :LOL:
  9. Jeff, You're going to get spanked on Mon meet you know for posting so late! Ah well went to Eastern Creek with Luke instead.....Great riding weather today :grin: