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Late Notice Easter Monday Walhalla Ride

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Doch, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. Sorry about the late notice but I gotta get outa this place. This is my first time at organising a ride so please be gentle with me. Im just looking for a ride so any one of any level and experience is welcome.
    Some of the roads I havn't travelled so i will need to asked at Walhalla if the road to Tyers is sealed. I've just been told that all roads are sealed, thanx Brian.


    For those of you that are interested I've altered the route to start from Rotten Ronnies (Macca's for those not initiated) in Victoria St Warragul to Moe via Nilma and then Old Sale Rd for a stop at Moe Rotten Ronnies for a pick up if anyone wants to meet there.

    Then Moe - Walhalla - Tyers - Morwell - Thorpdale'ish - Trafalgar - Buln Buln (no I dont stutter) - Warragul.

    Meet at Rotten Ronnies at 10:00 for a 10:30 start
  2. See how I go.
    Might have to ambush you at Moe. Will try to be at the start.


    Edit; And yes the road is sealed. The roads are all sealed where to want to go.
  3. Sounds fun, I have to work in the morning so depending on what time I finish will determine my attendance.
  4. so did yas go? Was it fun?? It was such a perfect day and by the time I remembered this ride was on it was lunchtime. :( Doh!
  5. Yeah, all 3 of us went.

    Beautiful day. Warm & Sunny.

    Ride to Walhalla was a breeze.

    Lunch of wedgies with (& without) sour cream.

    Home via Tyers - Yall Nth - Haunted Hills - Gunns Gully.

    Ride cut short as some had to go home early and I had to repair the side bag which tried to fall off after the bracket broke. Thanks to Adam for the occy strap.

    Road was dry and gave good grip in the corners. No frights at all.

    Shoulda coma along, ya missed a great day out.

    Next time we go we might include Mt Tassie and Mirboo Nth etc, or something like that.

  6. Glad it was good, sorry I missed it, next time huh