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Late notice, Blat up old pac. Sun 10th aug

Discussion in 'NSW' started by hally, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Meet at thornleigh Maccas on pennant hills rd ready to leave there by 10.30am.

    Just going for a cruise running in the new bike if anyone is interested in comming along.
    Sorry about the late notice But people were going to come then they all bailed and now its just me going.

    Will check this for the last time at 9.30am tomorrow for anyone coming along.

  2. If it's learner friendly I might come :grin:

    I need to run my bike in too.
  3. hey hally Ill c u there - just also wanted to check thornleigh maccas is the one next to pennant hills station right?
  4. BRNTN,

    Yeah mate learner friendly, just take it at your own pace and we will wait at turns if you get behind. No stress.

    Will probably skip the first part of the old road because of the road works in that section. Last time i went up that part and they had muddy water running across the road in one part. Mud all over the brand new clean Ducati on first time out. NOT HAPPY JAN! :mad:

    Any other takers?
  5. went through there today mate, not muddy, just the usual tar snakes, still better than riding the freeway ! have fun.
  6. My wife and i will be up for the ride. We may probably only stick it out to Windsor as she doesn't want to do Putty Rd. I'll be on the MV and she will have the RS125 so keep an eye out at Macca's for us :grin:
  7. will do... so it the thornleigh maccas the one next to pennant hills station?
  8. Be awsome if we could get a Google maps link :)
  9. I'll be there for a quick blast. :twisted:
  10. Failed spark plug... been meaning to get more damnit...

    Where might I be able to buy a NGK BR10EG racing spark plug on a Sunday...? >.<
  11. The maccas i'm talking about is on the left of pennent hills rd before the bunnings as you head north. you have to take the street before it from memory because the entance is around the back.

    I'll try n do the google thing hang on.


    Try that

    Oh and the weather is going to turn crap later on so im probably only going as far as somersby and back before it rains.

    If the first part of the old road is ok then we will take that way.

  12. Ok so that gogle thing didn't work,

    If you type in Thornleigh McDonalds to the google maps search its the first one (A) that comes up in the list.

    Hope that helps
  13. Wet and cops up the wazooo,1 unmarked on Arterial Rd and 2 cruising and giving the evil eye
  14. Thanxs Everyone,
    Good run up the OPH then onto Broke (little bit of rain) which turned into a Putty Run home the only casualties were a loose number plate and my mirror
  15. Yeah thanks all for coming! Nice to meet you all and see some of you again. All home safe and into a hot shower i trust?

    It was a way longer ride than what i had in mind originaly, but it was good fun. Bit of a mixed bag of weather and road conditions to keep things interesting and all of us on our toes! Didn't get too wet though.

    Now i'll just have to spend the next week or so cleaning the Duc with my toothbrush to get all that mud out from those dirt roads. Got the KM's up though, less than 400km's to go before the 1000km service now.

    Being my first longish ride on the thing i know now that i need to soften up the suspension a great deal so that im not bouncing off the road at a $1.60!

    Thanks again all and see you next time!
  16. Thanks Coda for hanging back to wait for the back end riders, most appreciated :wink:

    After today's ride i can say the MV makes a poor offroad vehicle :LOL:

    Thanks guys, was good to meet you all and we both had a great time :grin:
  17. Ha ha my Duc is winking at you in that last pic Blackjackx!
  18. Thanks very much for initiating the outing and yes, we are jealous..
    congrats and ride safe!