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Late Notice - Beginner Friendly Ride Monday 26 Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by GreyBM, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. LizzyM and I are going for a ride tomorrow.

    Haven't worked out an exact route yet but planning to go out around the back of Diamond Creek/ Research/Warrandyte then heading over to Healesville for a lunch break. After lunch I was thinking of picking up some of the more interesting parts of Robsalv's Learner ride last weekend but in reverse, heading down to Woori Yallock, Gembrook, Emerald and Monbulk.

    Anyone who wants to join is welcome. We will be taking it easy so the ride is suitable for leaners and beginners provided they are confident at speed limits and can corner at least at posted advisory speeds.

    Will meet at Maccas in Southern Road Preston (opposite Northland) at 10.30 start. We'll be coming from Altona so anyone interested in coming from the West meet at Shell Westgate inbound at 10.00. We'll leave there at 10.05 sharp.

    If you are interested in coming please leave a post.
  2. id be interested... but if i did join it would be in warrandyte as that is right next to my suburb :grin: but, as i have yet to ride properly with someone... i am unaware how people meet up down the track... hehe. maybe i'm just being silly.

    if you have a time you'll be in warrandyte area then i'll come along :)
  3. I am guessing we will go through Warrandyte about 11:30ish. If we are early we'll wait till then. If we are late we shouldn't be much later. Have sent you a PM with my phone number.
  4. if I can get a leave pass I would be interested in meeting you at Woori Yallock :)
  5. I'll meet you in Diamond Creek if I know what road you are going down? Probably too late to find this out but if anyone knows give me a hoy.
  6. Thanks for organising a run today GreyBM, had alot of fun and was even nicer cause it was a small group. Nice to met up with some familiar faces and....Ash nice to meet you and ride safe on that damn GPX lol

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Had fun on the way home until I lost Guy and had to make a mad dash uturn thinking I'd lost him to the evil cliff edge we had just climbed up, to then have him flying past me in the opposite direction grinning away like a cheshire cat, turns out he'd stopped to check with the missus and nothing sinister had happened to him after all lmao (phew)
  7. Like to thank Guy, Alli and Ash for coming along on a lovely days' ride.. also like to thank very much GreyBM (David) for organising/planning it. :grin:
  8. Lots of bikes out and about today.

    I think I must have ridden past you going the other way near the Gembrook roundabout; I was in a group three :)

    Did you get pulled over by the Police in Emerald?
  9. Haha yeh me, lizzy and dave did. the other two had buggered off :LOL:

    was nice to meet you all also :D i have discovered another aspect of riding to love... good groups :grin:

    ill keep my gpx as safe as possibly... but once i get my damn fairing back who knows what'll happen :LOL:

    edit! in the before lunch section i kept loosing guy in my mirrors too... was hoping something hadnt claimed him :LOL:
  10. tried to call GreyBM a couple of times to meet up with you all at Woori Yallock but his phone was not in service, figured there was not much point leaving a message as I didnt know when he would get it and I didnt want you all to wait for me.

    I also may have passed you lot doing the same run :)
  11. Thanks team for the ride.

    What? No comments on the sexy new leathers anyone? :shock:

    Sorry to Ash for dropping out of your view on the way out - being TEC I wanted to drop back a bit to give you guys plenty of breathing space (OK, so maybe a little bit of a hoon to catch up was in order too!).

    Yeah - and nice to give you a scare on the way back Ali. :wink:

    It is SOOO GOOD to know you all care about mne so much, that you're looking out for me even when I'm behind you! Or is it BECAUSE I am behind you? :smileysex:
  12. i know it was for the hoon ;)
  13. More the latter Guy :p

    :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:

    Oh yeh and there's a reason behind NOT saying a word about the new attire :-#