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Late Notice Baw Baw ride [VIC] 22 March

Discussion in 'VIC' started by im.on.it, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Meet point: cnr Maroondah Hwy and New St, Ringwood Car park in front of Liquor Store. (please do not hydrate here.)
    Meet time: 10:15 am
    Departure: 10:30 am
    Route: see linked map. may change on the fly depending how lost the leader gets. :grin:
    Distance: roughly 400km
    Ride Class: 3 due to distance. but all are welcome.
    End point: Warrandyte est 4.30pm
    Stops fuel/drinks likely to be Launching Place, Narbethong other stops as required.
    Lunch: TBC.


    Full tanks at meet point please.
    Weather is a bit unpredictable tomorrow pls be prepared for all seasons.
  2. Lucky bugger, to be able to set your own hours and work weekends so you can ride the empty roads when most of us can't.

    Looks like a nice set of roads you have picked, wish I could join you but work projects say otherwise.

    Have a good ride.
  3. Bugger, I have to work otherwise I would have met you at Noojee [​IMG]
  4. That's a big ride! Good luck, I expect a full report! I'll be doing the Reefton loop tomorrow, I might see you about.
  5. Ah bugger I would have joined you on this and skipped my last day of work, but they have stuffed up my pay and now I need to go and get it sorted out. :cry: Have fun Nee. :)
  6. I had an awesome day shame nobody else could make it.
    Will try to give you some more warning next time.

    Jules met me at Ringwood and we had a blast through many many mnay twistie roads. some bumpy, some damp, some wet, some smooth as silk.
    Only managed to fit in about 3 u-turns as I missed one turn off. :woot:
    that's not to say we only got lost once. But I was the only one with a map... so it was kinda still on track... is the way I'd put it.

    Having done 100km from Ringwood to Launching Place. We wanted to get fuel before going up Baw Baw a 200km round trip with a tank range of 250~ 260 km minus 100km.... my math aint that good... but even I knew we'd have to pick up fuel somewhere along the way. So trip up the Mt Baw Baw and coast downhill trying to conserve fuel. :oops: :oops: not the best fun but definitely a good time to rest a bit.

    That is until I found out mid way through a corner of loose stones that I had no rear brakes!!! :shock: :shock: :? Also noticed that my throttle was not responding well at all... realised I had drained the main tank and needed to switch to reserve. Took a while for the rear brake to kick back in. Going downhill through twistie roads ain't that much fun with only front brakes. Finally found fuel in Noojee at the general store where we briefly went past, but noticed the bowser with Deisel. but not Unleaded.

    Stuff we saw;
    view from Mt Baw Baw was pretty average.
    snake slithering across the road.
    deat wombat.
    lizard maybe a goanna about 3-4 ft long.
    a huge bird that decided to cross the road as I was coming through and changed directions right at the last minute. may have been a black cockatoo.
    one gravel road which lead to a state park. :grin: yeah that was one of the turns I missed :p

    It must have been a huge day for me... as I fell asleep typing this and ended up posting it in the morning.
  7. Well done Nee, you navigated very well huh? :wink: :cool: :LOL:

    Must have been a bit scary on some of those corners :shock: Glad it wasn't anything major.

    I'm virtually working full time at the moment, so won't be able to ride much through the week for a month or so :cry:

    Hopefully I will be free next time to meet with you along the way :grin:
  8. Well done Nee.

    And only 3 wrong turns :woot: not bad for you :p
  9. Even better Woodsy!
    I u-turn was for petrol. I u-turn was after lunch and 1 u-turn was a missed turn.
    to get technical there was one other u-turn at the summit of Mt Baw Baw.
    So really only 1 missed turn.

    Not saying I didn't get more lost than that but... only 1 u-turn for a missed turn off.

    I believe that deserves a double :woot:

  10. :woot: :woot: Haha! :LOL: Pats Nee on the back.

    Now you've just got to figure out what roads not to turn into when showing country folk how to get out of the city. I believe you already have one on your list. :p
  11. Thanks again Nee for navigating - even though there were only a few wrong turns the whole day was an absolute blast! Thanks for getting the map together. It was a great ride through new roads - cheers matey! :)

    Guys, you really missed out on some great riding - very little traffic and some fantastic roads most of the way - however the power of 600cc+ would have been great in some sections for overtaking... :roll: Overall though we hit some really magic sections with no traffic - what an absolute hoot!

    Think it was the best day of riding for me yet!