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Late notice - A good excuse to go for a ride. SHIP SPOTTING

Discussion in 'NSW' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Okay, there are two mutha-fcuker sized ships in the harbour this afternoon, the QE2 and QM2.

    A few of us here are going ship spotting (photos and shit as the QM2 leaves and QM2 arrives) and probably grab a bite in the city.

    Post if you wanna come.

  2. Time?

  3. The QE2 is scheduled to leave at 8am, so we are thinking meet at Harrys Wooloomooloo at 7:30pm. Then ride out to South head to see it leave with the afternoon sydney sunset and the lights on ! :eek:

    Then ride back to the city for a bite, maybe a Chilli-dog at Harrys ! :LOL:

    Its going to be another balmy Sydney afternoon, so it should be tops.

    There is also the usual Tuesday night Trella/Knights ride . . not that I participate in such activity ! ;)

  4. I'll be at Harrys at 7.30, along with half of Sydney :wink:
  5. Too late for me.

    I finish work a little bit early today but my wife is going to be waiting for me, soooooo.

    Anyway it is just a boat. I wanted to go more for the bike watching thing.

  6. Apparently there is a fireworks display on the harbour tonight also ! :?
    A rich don't you think for two boats ???
  7. so whos goin so far???
  8. Damn. I wish our f%^&ing asshole internet nazis at work wouldn't block netrider. I was at work until 8pm and could have come straight down. Instead I walked home and have now just seen this thread at 10pm!
  9. You need to learn some hax0r sk1llz.
  10. Gregg, you would have got the shits if you ventured out !
    All of Sydney were out tonight, I could not believe the amount of traffic just to see the ships ! You would have lane splitted like you never have in your life to get around !! . . . . we surely did !

    Look who had prime parking in front of Harrys !! :grin:

    The haggis-hornet and micky-monster off course !! :LOL: :p


    Oh yeah, it was a pretty big boat !


  11. Yeah, it's a boat. And it's big. And there's another one almost as big. Woo-hoo.

    Can't see why it's so exciting the place gets gridlocked, though. :roll:
  12. Hey, it was bad enough trying to walk home through the Cross, let alone drive! And the road through the Cross was gridlocked from 9am and hadn't changed at 8.30pm when I walked home. Bugger that. I wouldn't call that a night out to sit in your car for 2 hours so you can see a big ship.
  13. There were fireworks . . .
    Besides Sydneysiders would use any excuse to party and go out ! :p

    It was surreal tonight, it was a warm balmy tuesday night and it felt like a long weekend or Aust88 all over again ! Everyone was out in a party atmosphere just to see two big boats and fireworks.

    There were a shit load of bikes out on the road . . . hardcore sportsbikers, I think tonights Trella/Knights ride was to ride through the CBD at speed and lane split as much as possible ! LOL :grin:
  14. Hahah, I probably seem some of you guys down there without realising it :p
  15. Didn't the Princess Star just come through a year ago? Isn't that like 6 times as big?
  16. If it was, it would generate it's own gravity!
  17. Just like the STROM ! . . . .