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Late Night Game Show

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by GoTeam, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. How many triangles are there? Get on the dog and bone to 1800HOTDOGS and leave your details. If you're one of the lucky ones, we'll call you back live on the air for your chance to win $500. The game closes in 5 minutes. Call cost is 55c, mobiles extra.

  2. surely hotdogs hasnt made a comeback to tv :LOL:
  3. I doubt it. A couple of years ago I used to stay up into the early hours doing my work with the TV on in the background. It was around about this time of night that hot dogs would make an appearance on tv. 7 and 9 copied last year and 7 dropped out within a couple of months then 10 followed a little later. 9 persisted for some reason.

    So what's the answer Kinkybinky? How many triangles are there? :p
  4. Is this those quiz shows on at like 2am, where the semi-cute chick asks blindingly simple questions you can answer for a cash prize, but they only let the drunk and stoned callers through who have no idea what's going on, so they don't have to give the money away?
  5. you must have heard me.
    the answer is 42.
    yeah bring back hotdogs...
  6. "Pick up the bloz" and call now Bonk :p :p :p .... and "yes" to your question.

    Bring him back to do what exactly? I must admit that he was very good at just talking and talking and talking about nothing without taking a break.
  7. I swear to christ you could give half the population of Australia $2,000,000 each and within a year they would be busted arse poor again.
  8. These late night game shows are big in Europe. I remember seeing these while over there in the past years . . . . the chics they use are sensational !!!

    It hilarious because the male compare put on that ethnic european sleazy persona that you cannot get away with here ! :LOL:

    The women on the shows here usually appear in FHM or Ralph soon after their introduction to the small screen then tend to disappear . . . . . like what happen to that cute brunette one on Ch9 ???
  9. The adult game shows on TV in italy are hilarious. They are on suprising early in the evening and the sleazy commentator gets away with hell.

    The women contestants (members of the public) invariably end up with their gear off. Great stuff.
  10. Nikki Osborne?