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Late Night Accesory Shopping - Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by QuarterWit, Dec 23, 2008.

  1. Are there any motorbike shops with a large accesory selection open till late over christmas?

    I'm trying to buy somes gloves and a tankbag, and bloody Elizabeth street has an amazing knack of closing when people busy earning money to spend fill the streets.

    Any ideas? Looking to head out tonight...
  2. Only a small range, but Intyre in Fitzroy Nth is usually open late. With Xmas hours you might want to check first though. I don't know any big stores that open late.
  3. bikemart?

    why not call a few and see. surely someone will be open
  4. Give Bikemart in Ringwood a call: (03) 9879 5822 http://www.bikemart.net.au/contactus.php

    Some of the other shops out there may be open later. Metro Honda/Ducati are only open until 5:30pm tomorrow.
  5. Saw this thread and thought that it was going to be about scumbags that steal stuff from people's bikes at night.
  6. You are such a cynic Stew. :LOL: :p
  7. i asked this exact same questions just a few days ago & got no replies!!!


    just goes to show that general discussion dumping is far more effective :(

    brighton bikes and bits are open till 6pm every night normally if that helps, everything in the CBD closes at 5.30
  8. "Businesses and Service Providers"??

    No wonder you didn't get any initial replies! :p
  9. I'm just cooler than you Es :grin:
  10. impossible :cool: