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Late model car/bike keys cut.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by DRMAT, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hope this is ok with the forum gods but thought i would give a plug to my mate the locksmith, two doors down from the my work as this is something that can benefit most of us bike people.

    He has recently invested in a machine that enables him to cut and program most late model car and motorcycle keys for a fraction of the cost that the stealers want to sting you for them. If you call the dealer for a new key then most cars you will be up for $300-400 (or more) for the key, programming etc. If you have one key still then you can bring it in and he can cut you a new one and program it so the car/motorbike immobiliser recognises it for considerably less than what the dealer wants.

    *note these are normal keys, not the fobs with your lock/unlock buttons so you will have to manually unlock doors but sure as hell beats losing all your keys, not having a spare and having to fork out for full reprogramming and two new keys for a car or a new ECU in the case of most bikes!

    Cobblers of Kew / Lock-It
    2 Walpole St, Kew VIC 3101‎ - (03) 9853 9235‎
  2. how much $ for the cbr's with the hiss system?
  3. I have no idea mate, i'm not him, you'd have to drop past or call him. If i get a chance to duck out of the clinic tomorrow and i'm on the bike i'll ask him as i have CBR with HISS.
  4. Checked with Michael this morning and unfortunately Honda's are the only ones he can't do due to using a different type of transponder or something in their keys. From his book of keys and codes he can do:

    All Kawasakis, all Suzukis and all Yamahas up to 2006-7 (probably newer ones as well but they aren't listed in his book). All Ducatis up to 2005 (probably newer ones as well but they aren't listed in his book). Price depends on the key.
  5. Ah... now how about grey imported bikes? (Here's hoping!)
  6. I doubt they'd be in his book, drop past and he'll be able to tell you right away, you're just up the road from us, we're just past Kew Junction.
  7. But I'm so laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

    I might swing by though, not a bad idea!
  8. UPDATE: Michael can now do most keys with built in remotes and factory remotes including alarms and garage doors etc as well.
  9. Thats a shame, as mine is worth $2000-00 to get new keys, ETC ETC,
    Honda Blackbird 1100XX with Hiss,
  10. I was incidentally just at St George Locksmiths (Rockdale, Sydney) the other day, getting a non-transponder duplicate key to keep in my wallet (in case I lock my real keys under the seat!), unfortunately they did not have the key blank (transponder or not) - they suggested I get a CBR key blank off ebay (which I did, for about $8). Also, Syd City Motorcycles at Kogarah quoted me $55 for a transponder key blank which I would then need to get it programmed - I believe St George Locksmiths said they could do it, but would need my bike to be there as part of the programming.

    Not sure I contributed to this thread - just in case I do! :)
  11. I wonder if he can do a 07 r1 if i dont have the red key??

    If he can i'll buy you a beer!

    for sure