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Late late late late laaaaaate notice SYD CBD ride

Discussion in 'NSW' at netrider.net.au started by Scrambles, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. Meet at Shell servo Burwood, Parra Rd at 2215....

    Look for Micky, Donkey, myself and about 150 CBR's and ZX2's

    0400522328 if you get lost etc

    (TA Dante)
  2. yeah !
    That was a ride with a bit of difference.
    Good to meet all those riders.

    We'll do another one next time.

    And for all those CBR/ZXR/FZR 250 riders . . . don't follow the riding habits of the dudes on the ZX14, 620ie, ZX6R & ZX7R :LOL:

    Did anyone get the email addy of the photographer ????
  3. :rofl: A certain someone on a zzr was attempting to do burnouts on the way home, LOL.
    I think elvin got the photographers addy.
    Was a great night, thanks for coming guys, and we'll definitely do it again.
  4. :oops:

    ill get them spinning next time...
  5. You need more power,

    actually no, just practice it a little but don't cause its not quite legal.

    just fun to do in front of newbs :p
  6. Lol don't feel bad mine don't happen unless I reaalllly give it some.
  7. I think next time we go for nachos