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Late gear changes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Danhendo888, May 24, 2014.

  1. Im on first gear, lights turn green and im accelerating away. My ninja 300's engine will start screaming loudly before which I should change to second gear. We can usually tell when to change to second and then to third by listening to the sound of the engine. Also we can change to 2nd or 3rd a bit earlier and at a lower rev range if we want to, say, if you're not trying to accelerate hard and want to get into an efficient rev range to cruise.
    But what are the potential long term consequences to the bike/engine (if any) if I keep changing gears only after the engine is screaming ie higher rpm range? Eg when im trying to get off the blocks quick and get to 80kmh asap (just a hypothetical) and do that really often.. how does it effect ninja 300 vs r6
    Hopefully you know what I mean

  2. You'll use more fuel???

    I would have thought a bike could take it (although what I know about bike engines would fit easily on a postage stamp). Are you topping the red line?
  3. if the EFI system has a rev limiter... it'll be fiiiine... probably unlikely to shti itself from over-revving

    revs = wear, but probably not fast enough for you to ever notice..

    long term consequences? permanent grin?
  4. Bikes are designed to rev. They love it.
    No real downside there (except obviously more fuel and provided you don't always ride in the red zone).
  5. The consequences are that a large smile will appear on your face. Especially when u upgrade to a 1000.
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  6. you will attract the attention of people in the area if you rev all the way to the limiter
  7. You need to learn your bikes sweet spots and short shift, if I'm getting what your getting at.

    You want to get away from the lights but don't want it revving hard.

    Change up just after the meat of your power hits, so the next gear is just about to hit that meat and repeat. Gearboxes are designed that way I believe.
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  8. Don't be afraid to make her scream more often than not. She likes it! ;)
  9. There is a tacho right next to the speedo in front of you.......It measures the engine speed, revolutions per minute (RPM).....It probably has numbers on it, some white, some red.

    Stay in the white numbers and all should be well.......don't hold it for extended periods at the point where the numbers change from white to red (redline)
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  10. ring its balls off! but wait until its up to operating temp.
  11. thanks gents
  12. Your bikes maximum torque is probably somewhere around 10,000 RPM and its maximum power around 11,000 RPM, beyond that my guess is you aren't gaining much but if you like the noise go for it, refer post #9. :)
  13. If this is your first bike then you're probably just getting used to actually hearing the engine unlike sitting in an insulated car where you can barely hear the engine.

    The 1st gear on the 300 is quite short so you'll rev pretty high before you get any speed to shift to 2nd. The powerband for the bike is 7k-11k and on my daily ride i usually just shift around 6k and cruise around 4k.

    You probably aren't hitting the limiter so you wont have much to worry about as far as damaging the bike goes.
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  14. They race these bikes in virtually stock form all around the world including here. Let it rip.
  15. If you're worried about it, change the oil more often. If you're not worried about it enough to do that, don't worry about it at all. Small bikes like to rev. That's just how it is.
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  16. If you have a rev limiter then when you hit it you will momentarily de-power the drive train. This will allow you to change gears (providing you've already got a little bit of pressure on the gear lever).
  17. does the same apply when you hit valve float? :D