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late 90's 600's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by aviper4u, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. hi

    im looking at upgrading on a budget so am thinking will go for a naked bike ie cb600, zr7, sv650 etc as these have less power no fairing and basic suspension but what i am finding is that these models seem to be advertised for the same if not more than than similar model 600 supersport ie cbr600f, zzr600, zx-6r, yzf-600 etc.....

    so i guess my question is why? And which one is a better buy?

  2. All are good bikes. SV650 is a special bike no matter what the spec sheets say. YZF600 and ZZR600 are also awesome bikes htat there is really no modern equivalent to.

    Mid 90's onwards there are few bad bikes...... Just those 3 are some of the best and were all on my shopping list before I bought the TRX.
  3. Honda Hornet 600
    awesome bike.
  4. Surprise, ditto :LOL:.
  5. hey thanks for the unbiased opinion edgelett and hornet600 lol.

    which bikes are the ones with problems ?
  6. I think I remember that late 90's ZX6's were great handling bikes.
  7. Problem bikes are usually not related to brand or model but riding history and service history. My Hornet is just about to turn over 100,000 kms but has been scrupulously serviced and is as reliable as a swiss watch. If you can, ask the seller if the bike has a service history with the dealership, or if it's a private sale, ask the owner where and how regularly it was serviced.
  8. I think I remember that late 90's ZX6's were great handling bikes.
  9. I can't think of any that are known as 'problem bikes'.

    I know a chap who's done over 110,000 MILES on his 1998 Hornet 600 and it's still going strong.

    any bike that's looked after well should be problem free.
  10. Kinda partial to the yzf600 myself :grin:
  11. The hornets and the CBRs share the same (basic) engine from memory. Either way the cb/cbr 600 engine is pretty hard to kill and spare parts are easy to find. I chose the cbr over the cb as I like the protection of the fairing as well as the other trick bits you get from a 10 year old race rep.
  12. In regards to the problem bikes was trying to get more info on the below comment.

    anyways thanks for the help guys and gals and yes i know maintenance/ TLC factor has a huge part to play in condition / price.

    and a few people have told me cbr600's have cam tensioner issues and that some yzf600's have 2nd gear issues so thats good to know so can pay special attention to these when inspecting.
  13. The supersports probally drop relatively more value because they're made obsolete by the latest ones, and many people simply must have the latest and greatest.

    Mid-size nakeds aren't about cutting-edge performance, and have longer model runs, so relatively depreciate less.
  14. yzf600r "thundercat"............ don't accept anything less.

    nope, I'm not biased.. not at all........................... :roll:
  15. 90's bikes are my speciality!

    My last 3 bikes have been:

    '97 VFR 750
    '96 ZX6R
    '98 Hornet 600

    In fact I have never even ridden a bike made after 1999,

    so in my little world, 1995 - 1999 is where the best value is too be found. Although with 2008 next year, I am thinking of expanding my range to 2002

    The Hornet has already been covered,

    My ZX6R has 90000km on it with no problem, these are a good bike and handle well, the "98 ZX6R would be even better

    and I always wanted a thundercat, cant go wrong with those!

    The thing about most 600 sports bikes of this era is that they were built with the understanding that many of us used our bikes on the roads, so they came with sensible riding positions. (GSXR600 excluded)

    They are out of style and often come with horrible paint jobs, but if you want a bike for road riding, a well kept 98 ZX6R or Thundercat would be hard to go past.
  16. zx-6r from my experience:

    Pros: Lots of fun, its got plenty of balls :grin:, good seat position not too aggressive, its a kawasaki.

    Cons: Known to suffer from carb icing which is no fun in winter months. 2000 models and later have carb heaters though.
  17. The CBR's can have that problem, but usually pre-98 bikes, and only if servicing has been neglected. An easy fix if you do suspect it.

    As far as I'm aware, YZF600's (Thundercats) don't suffer gearbox problems, however first generation YZF-R6's certainly can suffer the 2nd gear problems you mention.
  18. yea the f3 and f4 cbr and the zx6r paint jobs arent too bad but the thunder cats are a little more flouro etc which im not a big fan of.

    which one of these would you guys recommend for a shortish and skinny type of guy........
  19. I'm 5' 10" and 70kg. The CBR600F3 is perfect for me. The balance of the bike at walking pace (or even stationary) is very impressive. The bike never feels heavy (except reversing up hills) or too big.
  20. You won't have a problem with any of the bikes mentioned.

    My fave so far is by far the 98/99 zx6's. IIRC it won TW bike of the year in 98...