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Last time you bought tyres - new valve stems?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by MacManMike, May 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Riddle me this:

    Last time you bought new tyres for your bike did you get new valve stem inserted in the rims? If so did you have to ask for them?

    I "enjoyed" what I believe to be staggeringly poor service recently when I bought a new front tyre. I have just discovered that it doesn't hold air (lost 15psi in a week) and lo and behold, to compound the annoying hassles I had getting the tyre I have found that the valve stem is still the old one and is leaking.

    I didn't specifically ask for a new insert even though the old one leaked very slowly, but assumed that it would be replaced, just as they had been every other time I have bought tubeless car or bike tyres - or at least checked for leaks!

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  2. yeah,thats poor form mate.one would assume that the stems would be replaced or at the very least,inspected.take it back and demand new valve stems!
  3. My regular tyre joint don't put new valves in as a matter of routine. However, they do inspect them and replace if necessary. I have no doubt that they would change them if requested.

    They also put my tyres on the right way round and balance the wheel properly, neither of which occurred on the one occasion I was foolish enough to go elsewhere :evil: .
  4. Poor form indeed.

    I booked the job in on a Monday and was told the tyre had to be ordered, but would take a day and could be fitted on the Wednesday. Once it was there it was supposed to be a half hour job.

    Dropped in Wednesday and was told the tyre was not there yet (to me smacks of "we'll order it when the guy turns up" - mistake number one) but would be right for later in the day. I had to chase them just before closing time to find out what was happening and they blamed the courier company for not delivering the tyre, so "it's not their fault". Bear in mind they had from Monday morning to get it shipped 20km. Then had a phone call saying it wasn't going to happen that day, but would be right for Thursday. Come Thursday I get a call at 4.00 saying it was actually the supplier's fault (after they took no responsibility for not having the tyre there because it was the courier's fault) but it would be right for 5.00.

    I turn up at 5.00 on the Thursday and it's not even the tyre I ordered! I was absolutely FUMING - they's buggered this SIMPLE thing up in just about every way possible. Their latest claim was that the tyre was not dispatched when ordered on the Monday because a shipping container of tyres had turned up and in the time between the call and the tyre leaving on (presumably) Thursday the one I wanted was no longer available. Courier company no longer at fault because "it was never sent", but it's "still not our fault" - changing their excuses, mistake number two. So instead of calling me they just went and fitted it - mistake number three. I was tempted to tell them to "f@cking unfit it and give me my wheel back, but I just wanted to be done with them and get on with it.

    Now the thing leaks and I have to go back. I guess that's what you get for trying to support the local bloke.
  5. I asked for new ones last time - rear had a slow leak, lost about 15psi in a week. Id say yes, if you want new ones definitely ask cos most of the time they wont be changed. They'll put new ones in for nothing if its when youre getting your tyres done.

    Brisbane motorcycle tyres in moss st springwood have always been good to me.
  6. Will be going to see them shortly to see if they volunteer to do it for nix - if I have to pay for the job, it sure as hell won't be with them.
  7. Well they have redeemed themselves - replaced it for nothing.
  8. But you've still got the wrong tyre on the bike Mike. . . .

    I hope it was a better tyre, and you paid the price of the cheaper one. Otherwise I would have been telling them I needed a 25% discount, or they could remove the tyre, and I wouldn't be back. . . and I'd report my experience to the Melbourne riding community. . . . Actually I usually just talk to the boss, explain the situation, and those things usually get sorted out favourably.

    On the Ducati, the valve stem is a right angle version. I don't think it is something you replace too often. However, the valve itself gets replaced as needed.
  9. Was after a Michelin Macadam 50 in 100/90 R18. The mid 80's K's were built to run on bias ply tyres and the old farts who know better than I tell me that radials are a no-no on the 8 valve K100RS. Needed to be a bias ply, and the bike had a Mac 50 on it when I bought it and I was advised by the dealer to run with same.

    Come collection time it's wearing a Michelin Pilot Activ in the above size. This was because the "Mac 50s are now obsolete and the supplier doesn't have any left, the Pilot is the replacement and it's better". Whether it is or not I have no idea, but I find it odd that there was absolutely NO mention of this by Raceway Suzuki who fitted the R65 with new shoes only 2 weeks before - without ANY OF THIS CRAP.

    I paid less than the quoted Mac 50 price for the Pilot Activ. But I still don't know if it was a good price for the Pilot.

    I gave the service guy an almighty spray and told him they should have been all over the supplier if they were the ones to blame. I've worked in retail AND wholesale and have seen it from all angles - retailers are REAL quick to get on the phone if they don't get their goodies. The owner of the business told me he had all sorts of trouble personally and HE was the one doing the chasing and more excuses. I simply told him "I don't tell you my problems and I pay you not to have to care about yours, I just want what I asked for when it was promised, and I got neither."

    Should have known better - one of my trail riding mates has only had grief the two times he's dealt with them. I won't be going back unless I am looking for a great price on a waste of time... At least now it doesn't leak I don't have to.

  10. Interesting. My '87 K100RS has a radial option listed on its tyre placard. Pirellis if memory serves. Academic because noone sells radials in the sizes listed any more. I ran bias ply Macadams in the specified sizes (they were fitted when I bought it and I saw no reason to change) and had no concerns about their performance.
  11. aV1bc43J.