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Last ride for 2006?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BlueRex, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. Is anyone interested in going for a ride Sunday 31st of December?

  2. Not with this forecast :(

    Sunday Showers and local thunderstorms. Min 16 Max 29
  3. bugger should have looked first
  4. Yeah...................., weather forecast is always right 'eh....................

    Where did you plan on heading?
  5. No idea, and i don't really care. Can even go up your way.
  6. My bike's tiny mirrors do not allow me to ride safely or inexpensively during double-demerit periods :LOL:
  7. shame about the weather.would have been in it for sure.
  8. Last ride for 06

    Well its 8.30 am on the last day of 06 and I have missed all the rides organised during the last week or so ( work kids etc) :(
    But its niether raining nor thundering nor hailing so I am off for ther last ride of 2006 . A short but well earned Peninsula run. :grin:
  9. my last ride of 2006 is to work in about an hour

    talk about a downer!
  10. I'm just waiting for this bit of drizzle to pass over Craigieburn then im out on the bike.. What area are you in snowball?
  11. I am in Yarraville,I just got up and it has cleared up here. It is still cloudy but doesn't look like it is going to pour
  12. Yeah it is the same here, but bom is showing some rain comin :(

    Bloody weather!
  13. last ride 2006

    Well been an done it , :grin:
    It was pretty quiet out there cept for a shit load of pushies up Arthurs Seat :eek:
    There was also a wet spilled fluid of of some sort all the way to the summit only on left handers so it was probably a fuel spill I presume .

    There was a gaggle of bikes in Flinders at the bakery having brekky but no one else much on the road.

    No rain coming in from the south cept for maybe 6 drops , its still overcast but dry as a Witches ,,,, well you know what.

    Have a safe and Happy New folks.
    Will see some NRs next year
  14. Re: Last ride for 06

    Didn't see you anywhere. I was at the bottom of the seat at 8:30 and have been home 15 mins :biker:
  15. Re: Last ride for 06

    Didnt leave home till 8.30 ish and have just gotten back , only bikes I saw where at Flinders Bakery.
  16. Re: Last ride for 06

    Mate...The Black Spur was Dry as a bone all day..
    The rain started at about 4pm... Those that took the gamble were well rewarded.dry road and little traffic...Don't shoot the messanger... :grin:
  17. Re: Last ride for 06

    Yeah i was really surprised :shock:

    the bom showed it heading our way
    and gave us nothing :roll:


  18. Mt Dandy and surrounds were dry most of the afternoon, only a few spots around Treemont on the way home :grin:
  19. I did a 1170k day (in 12hrs) on new years eve got home at just before 10pm and showered, clean clothes and 10mins later was next door with beer in hand to wait the new year. Rode Dapto NSW to near Noosa Qld after riding down on Thursday.