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Last nights rain and 1 hour on the road

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Ok, i got my first really long taste of rain last night.

    (in melb here)

    Coming back from the missus's place (mt eliza)... at 10.30 last night... belting down...

    donned my "golf" wet weather pants... not too shabby.

    got overtaken by the .o5 booze bus on the frankston freeway... nasty big thing that is... specially if it was speeding which it was unless my speedo's wrong... (maybe the driver was over .05? :LOL: )

    navigated all that fine... moved over to the south eastern... more trucks wooshing past... more coldness... more wetness...

    get home... safely... hour later... wet weather pants kinda dodgey... damp crutch (at least i think it was teh rain) ... and a couple of soggy feet...

    inside for a hot milo... mmmmmmmmmmmm

    morale of this post...

    me = Learner
    me = Didn't panic about riding in the rain (except for the damp crutch :cry: )

    But i did have to take things a little slower than usual... especially on corners i'd not riden through in the rain before...

    all in all, i think it was a good experience... makes the dry ground so much more appreciable... but more so, makes me less worried about riding in the rain...

    even more so... makes my mum not have heart-attacks when its raining

    other learners... don't panic about the rain :) it's not as bad as it looks

    love, spongeface
  2. yeh i dunno how to save the crutch :(

    but boots amd my pants usually hold up fine.

    just take it sloowww around corners
  3. yep just went outside for a smoko and its raining as well. So everyone take care on the way home from work.

    Good chance to test out the so called waterproof gloves i bought recently
  4. Mr Spongesam went from the city to mount martha last night [well every night i live there] and the wind bloody hell. :shock:

    How did you go with that?

  5. I wear both wet weather jacket and pants, jacket over the top of the pants and come out Dry as if I had been in a cage. I love riding in the rain as strange as that may be. :)
  6. You want to try standing on top of the 20m water tower/tank at Cape Paterson yesterday morning, man it was windy up there :shock:
  7. Also got caught in the rain last night, just in leather jacket and jeans.

    And for the learners... when you get a chance, practice riding in the rain (in as less traffic as possible of course).
    Its pretty relaxing and enjoyable once you realise if your carefull you wont drop your bike.
    Most important things to know are, dont lock your breaks. Dont speed or go heavy on the throttle. Always keep your eyes on the road... and if cars are pissing you off, pull over and chill for a few minutes.

    Well, now that this post has killed some time im off to dinner~!
  8. Is that all? and you have the audacity to call yourself a sponge :p
  9. Forget the corners, watch out for the bloody tram tracks in Melbourne!

    I find it relaxing to ride in the rain sometimes, sorta like me versus the elements. The only thing that ever pisses me off is when things start turning foggy.
  10. Kamikaze_Kawasaki

    the crutch absorbed it all... i guess? :p

    the sponge story is an interesting one... might post it sometime on my webpage or my livejournal that i don't use :p


    i'm lucky , my shark RSR helmet never really fogs up...
    it only really fogs up when i get stuck at camberwell junctions(ie: just miss the lights) and sit there for 10 minutes... but that isn't too bad

    just bought some new wet weather gloves, got them off RMgear... gonig to test them out tomrorow :) hopefully with sexy results...

    in the mean time, i'm never drinking red bull again... makes me feel shakey and weird
  11. i saw crutch and first thought ... why is a guy on crutches riding?

    rain doesnt bother me as long as im warm. You just have to watch the fatigue that comes from being cold or even being toasty and getting too relaxed!