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Last nights fun on VTR250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pro-pilot, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Well must say first time I've ridden a VTR250 in my life, and admit that its a pretty good ride... for communting of course.

    Took my new cbr600 in to get an ackra and powercommander fitted and took the VTR as a loan bike while here in Melb. the rains belted down with no mercy.

    Much to my surprise she handled magnificently in the wet, and criss-crossed slippery tram tracks without a hitch.

    Was scarry being in such an exposed and naked seating position though, felt like didn't have a bike underneath me at all.

    For those of you who want to master u-turns. I can recommend this number as I did a few with the VTR and it perfoms the tightest ones ive ever done.

    p.s. Can't wait to get my cbr back tricked out!! :grin:
  2. thought you would have just not returened the VTR ;)

    there is a reason that they are become one ofthe most popular learner bikes around...
  3. tell me about it !
    thats one reason i'm finding it hard parting off with mine !

    I left it outside overnight last week and when I got up in the morning she was covered all over with frost !! :eek: . . . . choke on, and she started first go ! And during the rains here in Syd, the poor thing was belted with rain all day and still kepts on going and going !

    I use mine for commuting, top bike to go in and out of traffic.
  4. I LOVE my vtr :p
  5. yeah they are becoming so popular that you see em all the time. i hope i wont see quite so many firestorms around

  6. Last nights fun for you is EVERYDAYS fun for me :p
  7. Nah, the natural progression from the VTR is to the Duc Monster.

    Afterall, the VTR is just a baby monster anyway.
  8. nope !
    I thought the same.
    But owning both I can say that the Monster is a different beast all together !!!

    Appearance . . yes !

    But soul . . NO !
  9. Micky,

    Is the monster lacking soul?? :?
  10. They just need to make a VTR 600 for the LAMS systems when it enters!