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Last night I sold my soul to GE Money

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by oz_johnno, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Nuff sed........

    Take delivery mid to late next week.


  2. Ride it quickly, pay it off even quicker :).
  3. GE Money are going to pull out of Australia at the end of this year, so who knows you might end up with RHG :LOL:
  4. in thsoe colours?
    cause that's hot!
  5. +1 GE money are ghouls
  6. That looks bloody nice!
  7. It's a nice bike, but I wouldn't pay $40,000* for one

    (* after interest)
  8. Congrats Johnno !!!!
    Looks bloody awesome :)
    +1 on GE pulling out.
    I've heard GE have an extremely aggressive policy when it comes to 'late payments'. However I had my ( now my wife's ) Nissan Xtrail on GE finance and have no complaints. Even the interest rate was good in comparison to similar institutions.

    Enjoy mate !
  9. GE finance are only getting out of vechicle finance, which bikes are not (personal loans). So they are going to still be around.
  10. nice one :)

    As others have said pay it off fast
  11. Thanks guys,
    Yes edgelett its in those colours. I was looking looking at getting a 2009 model but got this one at a great price from peterstevens out at ferntree gully... the last one Im told.

    Im not so sure about the silver flame job on it though thought it a bit wanky.
    the red frame and rims look pretty swish though

    my missus works for GE security, she was saying that GE finance is getting out of business finance and was staying in consumer finance for the moment.

    Yes they are the worst buggers on earth, only stopping short of 'sending da boys around' if your late with your payments but hey, the way things are today you cant really blame em.

  12. Holy Crap - so worth it though (at least you didn't sell your first born, which my hubby keeps suggesting we do :wink: )
    I love that colour
  13. congratulations that is one HOT BIKE - enjoy
  14. OZ, it was totally worth it!

  15. That is one sexy bike, u lucky devil you :grin:
  16. Really? You had better run and tell my credit union then :p
  17. i'll never forget my first loan with a finance company 31% and they stacked the interest on top of the loan so it worked out i pay the interest first and then the principle. 18 at the time and didnt know any better.

    These days they give me better than credit union rates and terms.
  18. Very sweet ride johnno...

    have a great time upon her!
  19. 99sydrd,
    Yeah mate I got stung by finance companies too when I was young and silly and nearly went bankrupt.

    but I got this deal @ 13%, add it to the fact that I got the bike for nearly 4 grand off list price and the finance really only costs me $2500 over 5 years.

    too good to walk past I thought.

    Only downside is that I cant pave the bbq area now by christmas but the missus (melbgirl) is taking the news well

  20. Only downside is that I cant pave the bbq area now by christmas but the missus (melbgirl) is taking the news well


    I forgot to mention , i bought a helmet the other day from kelen kawasaki and sat on a zx-14 for fun , the bike is an absolute weapon. Enjoy.