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Last night could've been my last night

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Word_a_Mowf, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Another one of "those" stories guys, unfortunately.

    While riding in the rain last night on my way home I had an accident.
    And this is how it happened.

    I was riding down Sydney Rd, in the far left lane.
    Going roughly...55-60kmh, in a 70kmh zone.
    I looked over my right shoulder real quick, to do a head check, and merge into the second lane, but the car in the second lane was way too close, so I decided to keep going straight.
    As I straigtened up, and keep going...the two cars in front of me had slaaaammed their brakes on as there was an ILLEGALLY parked car on the site of the road.
    They slammed their brakes on.
    I slammed mine on.
    With no room to swerve to the right as I would've been cleaned right up by a 4x4, last thing I remember was hitting the guy in front of me,
    flying over the handle bars and my helmet smacking the concrete.

    Next thing I remember is 4 people helping me to the side of the road and calling the ambulance for me.

    The guy I hit was shaken as hell, but nice to me, considering... (cant wait to see his bill for repairs though), as was another lady that called the ambulance.

    I was taken to Royal Melbourne for xray and a CT scan.
    Released at about 11pm, with a whole lot of bruising, but no broken bones, thankfully.

    Currently at home, sore as all f.uck, and the CBR is in the garage with a mangled front end.

    KBC helmet did wonders (I have a bad headache tho), the Dainese gear doesn't even have a scratch on it, and the RST waterproof gloves are much more than just waterproof!

    As I am soon to be off restrictions, the CBR250Wreck is going for sale...and I will wait it out to get another bike.

    And as I wasn't insured, god only knows how much I'll pay for the Barina's damages.

    I'm still shaken up, and can't think straight.
    Have no idea what's going on, I just keep replaying the moment in my head.

    I need to sell the bike now...where's Sumoto when you need em?
  2. glad to hear you're alright. and your attitude about getting back on the road is great.

    take care!
  3. That sucks man!

    I hate those farking idiots that park in clearways, or on the inside/outside of corners, or directly across from another parked car... or where I want to park.

    Oh dude, 3rd party property is a must.
    NRMA's 3rd party property policy even includes an at-fault health insurance policy :arrow: top notch deal for riders.

    Good luck.
  4. Glad you suffered no serious injuries mate. Had you not been wearing gloves and a decent jacket though you'd probably be in hospital right now having skin grafts. Just goes to show the importance of getting the best safety gear you can afford.

    Being shaken up is normal I'm sure and you'll be fine again in a few days.

    Take care of yourself and rest up.
  5. Tell me about it.

    Only thing I regret is not getting insurance.

    Guess I'll learn from my mistakes, and never go without (minimal at least) insurance again.

    Just contacted Redwing...
    They might come around to look at the bike, and I'll see how much they offer me.
  6. So shit does happen?

    Let this be a lesson to all idiots who believe its someone else's responsibility to carry insurance.

    Glad you're ok though.
  7. We already have an at-fault insurance scheme here in Victoria anyway :p

    There's plenty of good (and cheap) 3rd party around, Insure-my-ride do a cheap policy but I don't know much about them. As I post it I notice their advert on the screen :wink: )
  8. On a 250cc bike with full rating1 (built up on the car) - and being a more 'mature' rider - EVEN with no biking experience at all I got fully comp insurance for $190 a year... (Hard to justify not having it when its that cheap!)

    Oddly enough the best 3rd party quote I got was $300!! :?

    I cant understand the mentality of not having insurance - in this environment where accidents do happen reasonably frequently I cant see how anyone (apart from the super-rich) can afford to gamble without it!

    Having said that - good that you're OK. Did you get the details of the illegally parked car? Probably wont help you insurance-wise, but at least if the police decdied to get nasty and try slapping a "dangerous driving/riding" charge on you you do have apoitn you can argue in a court.

    "Mumagain" had a cage accident a few years back where she ran into the back of someone after swerving to avoid someone reversing blind out of a driveway - but she didnt get the details. The Police ended up charging 'dangerous driving' despite admitting "Yeah it was probably at least partly the fault of the guy who pulled out - but since we dont have his details and we have to charge someone - its got to be you!" :oops:
  9. I have been issued with a fine for "driving too close" or something or rather..$150 plus 1 demerit point.

    No reckless driving charge.

    And no offence, but I'd rather not hear about insurance at the moment.

    I have learned my lesson, and trust me...next time I'll get insurance before I even pick up the bike.
    No doubt about it.
  10. I'm glad you're ok but riding around without any type of cover is just plain f**king retarded!
  11. surely..... suuurely,
    just for once,
    we can make it through a thread like this without the condescending, holier-than-thou remarks about the lack of insurance.

    Glad you're on your feet Mowf, all the best.
  12. ... or at least without people NOT reading the whole thread and then harping on about it after the OP has already read and understood what was said before :roll:

    Come on people, if you've got enough time to be on Netrider, you've got enough time to read the whole #$^%&&* thread :evil:

    Sorry to hear about the accident mate; I can understand the infringement being issued because technically you were in the wrong (insufficient distance, etc) but, jeez, what about the dope who parked and caused it? He gets off scott free :evil:.

    Take care about those headaches; seek good medical advice....
  13. Not good at all mate. Hope the body heals quickly and your on the road again.

    Chin up
  14. Glad to hear you are ok mate ...
    Sucks to be a victim of stupid ass dickhead 'parking illegally' :roll:

    Unfortunately it sometimes takes this sort of shit to realise how important minimal insurance is :wink:
    ( Not having a dig ).
    +1 on the attitude & keep safe
  15. Sydney rd is not a pleasant - nor the safest! - road to have to ride in the rain, especially after dark! Sorry to hear about the accident and the insurance. Frankly mate, plenty of reasonable people take the risk of not having insurance, which is not the smartest thing to do, but it happens and I'd prefer their temperament than an anal all-insured one! One of life's lesons - better than a stack of medical bills or loss of movement; chin up and sorry to hear about it...
  16. No, Sydney Rd is a shocker. I had my big stack there last year - I too went sailing through the air but after hitting a car broadside.

    My KBC helmet copped a big whack too and saved my bonce.

    I won't make an insurance comment other than I went through a year without it as I had a rotten old XR400 and didn't think it was worth it. In hindsight, an XR will damage any car it hits aye!
  17. Hope you are better soon.
    its a pity that something like this really stops us in our tracks.
    Everyones got their first stack story and this hopefuly will be your only one. God willing!

    In any event you were "insured for yourself" ie your gear etc. So think on the bright side.
    Gonna suck being without wheels for a while but dream big and make it happen.
    We'll be waiting to go for a blat some time.

    Cheers and good luck.

  18. Riders were excluded on the at fault medical cover last time I checked.

    Did police attend? Can you try a civil action against the owner of the illegally parked vehicle?

  19. Sorry to hear about the accident.

    As for insurance, I'm fully insured just in case things like this happens...
  20. no preaching from me, but good to see you are OK

    take care

    cheers :grin: