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Last movie you watched?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wino, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. We all watch them, how about you tell us the last one you watched and what you thought of it.

    No Spoilers tho ;)

    Here's the last lot I have watched.

    Batman Vs Superman - didn't think much of it
    10 Cloverfield Lane - meh
    Deadpool - good film
    He never Died - a bit strange but not bad
    I am Bruce Lee - winner
    Angel Heart - just as good now as it was new
    I.p. Man 3 - winner
    I Superbiker 5 - worth it
    Jane Got a Gun - ok
    Krampus - ok exept for the ending
    Killer Clowns from Outer Space - lol YEAH !
    Moonwalkers - good film
    Out of Nothing - Xcellent ( movie about mates who race at the salt flats at Bonneville )
    Smothered - meh ( only grabbed it cause of the horror Icons in it )
    Spotlight - good film
    Sicario - good film
    Straight Outta Comptom - xcellent
    The Hunter - Classic
    Stalk Her - good film
    Bridge of Spies - good film
    Crouching Tiger Hidden Sword - good film
    Super Bob - good film
    Whiplash - good film
    The Bad Education Movie - LOL good film
    The Magnificent Seven - classic
    Zootopia - good film ( I took my daughter to see this one and I even got a few laughs out of it, if you have kids I'm pretty sure they will like it as well.
    The Hateful Eight - slow but good film

    OK your turn guys and gals . . . .
  2. Vanishing Point.

    (yes, it was a long time ago.)

    I liked the lady on the Honda practicing for the MOST.
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  3. !!!! there's a memory thats back in White Line Fever days

    will look for it right now. :)
  4. Mad Max Fury Road - sh1t
    Interstellar - ok, but nothing special
  5. Mad Max - thought was alright.
    Interstellar - the section with his daughter did my head in.
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  6. El secreto de sus ojos - (The Secret in Their Eyes) (2009)

    Watch this instead of the American remake - much better film
  7. Gone baby gone with Casey Affleck - have seen it before, an excellent movie
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  8. Once upon a time in the west

    Classic movie.. And have always loved it but just bought the digitally re-mastered blu-ray. Wow...
  9. Most recently saw "Room" and "Zootopia" at the cinema, both really good films.
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  10. I quite liked interstellar. Last flick I watched was escape from New York, after my housemate put a projector in the band room and the speakers were still set up from a gig the night before. I bloody love Kurt Russell haha, the man can't put a foot wrong.

    Also "roadhouse" with the late and dearly beloved Patrick swayze is a feel good romantic comedy that the whole family will enjoy.

    I am certain I'm not the only one who likes awful action films - let's have your favourites.
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  11. Zootopia with my kids.

    Was actually really really good for a kids movie. highly recommended.
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  12. Last movie at the cinema was Deadpool - most excellent :)

    Last movie on TV was some tripe with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts - rom/com but not so much com and poor rom.
    Last movie on TV that I actually enjoyed was Crouching Tiger: Hidden Sword - bl00dy brilliant!
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  13. If you like the crouching tiger movies check out the IP man series you might like that as well. unless you have already seen them of course.

  14. Great movie that one. The woman !! VavaVOOOOmmm !
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  15. I recently watched 'the Martian' on a flight to Perth...quite enjoyed it.
    couple nights ago I watched' the Dictator' on Netflix..hahahahahhaaaaaa
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  16. Woo! They have been going to go on my wishlist on Netflix for a while now, will defo put them on and watch them, thanks!
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  17. He's got a new movie out Sasha baron . .. . . whatever cant think of it's name tho
  18. Grimsby...yet to see that one, can't wait though
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  19. The only problem I had with Mad Max - Fury Road was that it completely failed to make me 15 again :(.
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  20. I have an answer for that but . .. . . . . . . . . . ;)