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Last minute tips for my test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ShadowGT, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. Booked in for my learners course & test on monday with RiderBro's. I'm so nervous but at the same time excited. I've been reading the Learners handbook over & over but i was wondering if there was any more tips that might be useful for when i go monday. I've never ridden Motorbike or driven a Manual car before. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. It's pretty simple when I look back on it now, but I remember being really nervous as I had no riding experience either but as soon as you get comfortable on the bike and find the friction point you'll be right.

    Just get plenty of rest, and get all your stuff ready the night before so your not stressed in the morning, keep your fluids up throughout the day and you'll be fine. They teach you everything you need to know to pass the course, that being said my instructor advised our group to really look at third party rider training in the future as it really does help.

    Have fun, enjoy the learning experience and by the end of the day you won't want to get off the bike.
  3. Good luck on the test. Try to stay calm and not get too nervous. I think that's most of the battle b/c one can get so stressed that you stuff it up after doing fine the rest of the day.

    Maybe watch a couple of YouTube vids that show how the gears work. I found it very helpful; even tho I'd driven a manual car before, I had absolutely no idea how it worked on a bike. But if you don't get 'round to it, don't fret. The instructors will teach you everything.
  4. Relax, stay loose, look where you want to go.

    Don't over think it, bikes are generally more intelligent than their riders.
  5. Have fun. Do the day right and it should be a laugh.

    Your instructors teach you as if you have never seen a bike before, when I did mine I hadn't even been on a push bike in five years.
  6. Congrats on getting the test booked in - the hard part is over!

    Listen during the theory component
    Take is slow and methodically during the practical and try to absorb all the advice given

    You'll be fine! If you've got the right attitude and want to ride for the right reasons then you'll walk it in (y)
  7. At least you're not doing it tomorrow! Monday is supposed to be a nice day.
  8. just dont be me.

    Just relax heaps and you dont really need to read anything honestly. You can get some help off youtube. I watched it over and over and over again but in the end i just panicked alot as i keep thinking about it. and dont get the people who already knew how to ride a motorbike and wizz through the course affect you. I did and got a bit upset and flustered (Im a chick btw).

    I havent rode pushy since i was kid and at the end passed it (and i had height issues with the bikes as im quite short). and seriously they teach you step by step. like, putting the key in, turning the key to start, getting on and off a bike. your posture, where everything is etc etc. and if you dont pass it, you can do a remedial course which is free (at least in NSW) and continue on second day.

    but you'll be right mate, rock up and have fun :)
  9. chill its actually piss easy
  10. Awesome thanks guys i'll try to keep most of this is mind.
  11. I PASSED!!! :) Wasn't too hard i picked most of it up pretty quickly. stalled a few times at first but everyone there did. Only thing Riderbros says i need to improve on is to stop looking down as i have a nasty habit of checking the speedo & tacho often & they were trying to teach us to do it by feel.

    In the training i think i pretty much bang on nailed counter steering as i was getting the most lean through corners. Hopefully that will translate to better riding skills in the real world.

    The day started off with them explaining the bike, what everything does etc etc. Then we had to find the slipping points on the clutch (least fun part of the day as i did stall a couple of times but i had been on a bike all of about 15 minutes at that stage).

    Then moved on to going back & forth between a set of cones. I found that gear changes are alot easier & smoother when you take off quickly or atleast have high rev's before you shift up otherwise i ended up having to play footsies with the gear shifter trying to get it to change. When i took off with a bit of gusto the gear changes were smooth as silk.

    After that they had us do a few different courses around their training area. That was the most fun part. Sure we never left 2nd gear (well the others didn't i snuck it into third a few times when i knew the instructors weren't looking) You couldn't wipe the cheesy grin off my face i had doing that & lucky no one else could see it through the helmet hahaha. We learned how to properly use both brakes, Counter steering, quick stops etc. Then we did the tests which everyone passed & i aced the written test getting every question right :)

    All in all i haven't had that much fun learning in a long time (hell i havent had that much fun period). Makes me a sad panda now that i don't have a bike to start learning proper on :(

    Although if anyone knows anybody selling a Cheap CBR250RR (3k or less preferably) I'd be eternally grateful if you could put me onto them :D
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  12. Congrats buddy, glad to hear it went well
  13. Hehe Thanks. I'm in the process of selling my old car now & once its sold i should have a nice 3k to go bike shopping with. Can't wait :)