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Last Minute Ride - Putty Rd, Wollimbi, Old Rd - 29th April

Discussion in 'NSW' started by the_rsole, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Tomorrow I am going for a ride up the Putty Rd to Wollimbi (via Broke) and back via the Old Rd.

    Leave Windsor Golden Arches (McDonald's) at 9am, stop at Halfway House on Putty Rd, fill up at Broke, lunch at Wollimbi, then return via the Old Rd.

    I know it is last minute, but the weather looks like it will hold out. If you want to join me, feel free. I will be at Maccas around 8:30-8:45 on the blue kawa zzr-600, in blue & black two piece suit.

    Quote from BOM.gov.au

    Forecast for Sunday
    Fine. Partly cloudy. Moderate to fresh westerly winds.
    Precis: Fine, partly cloudy.

    City: Min: 14 Max: 22 Parramatta: Min: 12 Max: 23
    Terrey Hills: Min: 13 Max: 22 Penrith: Min: 12 Max: 23
    Liverpool: Min: 11 Max: 23 Richmond: Min: 10 Max: 22

    UV Index: 4 [Moderate]
  2. Sorry, already got a ride on, we might see you on putty road but i'll say you'll be long gone by the time we make it to there. Maybe next time mate.


  3. Sorry bro i couldn't make it , im on call to a expected rello due to have a baby, they cant take forever so im sure ill be there on the next one, and yes i read your post and said dam when i couldn't atend
  4. Not a problem Rick,

    It was great weather for it. Hope your rello's have a healthy baby when it arrives.