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Last Hoorah of The Fair Weather Rider.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by FALCON-LORD, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Yesterday afternoon on the way home from work, while passing through Carlton I ended up in a sea of motorbikes, 2 or 3 bikes in both the left and the right split, Half a dozen of us lined up at each set of lights.
    This morning on the way in Things were much the same, bikes I had never seen along my path, lined up at the lights 8 to 10 strong. It was fantastic.
    I wonder is this Last Hoorah of The Fair Weather Rider? Or will we see more riding traffic on the road this winter?

  2. Unless it's hailing or a cyclone is about it's fair weather to ride.

    I got pelted by hail about 2 months after getting my bike god damn it hurts at speed
  3. I got caught in hail once on the freeway wearing an open face helmet .now that hurt.
  4. numbers will dwindle like every year, its a constant eb and flow that has been going on since that first wheel was carved.
  5. I have definitely seen an increase in riders on the road on my normal route. Rain doesn't seem to deter many.

    Although i do wonder what scooter riders will do during Winter when it gets REAL cold in the mornings. I can't imagine the scooter guys putting on lots of gear on top of their suit/dress/hot pants. Wouldn't look trendy enough.
  6. I'll own up to needing to take some HTFU :p . My house mate says it to me too :D. Today's weather is a bonus and considering the change shouldn't roll in until much later on, I shouldn't need to put on my wet weather gear. I'll probably be one of those who will mostly cage it this winter for comfort but will gradually start riding in the worse (for me) weather because I know I'll have to learn to ride in it sometime. To date, I've ridden in the rain twice and it was ok even though I didn't have my wet weather gear on (nowhere near as bad as I thought it'd be but still as cold as I thought it'd be).
  7. And neither should they cover up their hot pants! :grin: :LOL:
  8. Remember though just because you wear hot pants doesn't mean you hot!
  9. I finally removed the sports air filter off my bike and put an all weather filter on so now my bike wont cut out when the rain gets heavy.
    Although will need to buy some winter gloves as the mornings have been getting a bit cool for my summer mesh gloves.
  10. There is so many business suits riding scooters around melbourne, with their helmet stored neatly in the back carry box. I will be interested to see how many are still ducking between meetings in the rain............ (that's if we get any rain :? )
  11. http://mirror.bom.gov.au/products/IDR021.loop.shtml

    Take a look at what's heading our way and see if you reckon there will be as many out there tomorrow morning considering they are predicting a week of rain coming starting in a couple of hours time.......

    Then again the V8's are at Winton in 2 weekends time and that usually breaks the drought in the NE of Victoria :roll:
  12. I feel sorry for the last hour of the TNMR! :shock:
  13. Either that, or you have more sense than most of us.

    I must be out of my tree. I've organised a ride up to Tintaldra, Beechworth Mt Hotham over the next 3 days. And as luck would have it, the weather is to turn to crap.

    But we're all still going.

    I think that the only thing that would stop us is if it snows on Hotham tomorrow or Saturday. There is snow forecast for Sunday, but if it's only light we should be fine, as it'd be a relatively short run up and over Hotham and down past Dinner Plain.

    It'd be so easy to cancel but bookings have been made and confirmed.

    As for commuting in the wet and cold, again, I need my head examined, particularly as I get older and I find it more difficult to face up to, given that I leave for work around 6.15am when on dayshifts.
  14. Heaps of bikes out tonight, weather was gorgeous!
    I saw the weather radar too, the front spans the whole western border of VIC. :shock:
  15. I had a nice little blast home tonight as well, although my riding is aimed at getting to work and back so some nights the fun bit wears thin.

    Anyway, I tend to lump it, no matter what the weather is but I will say that after over an hours commute in heavy rain the water is flowing out of my gear and thank god for central heating and small rooms because my gear can dry out over night.

    Tomorrow will be wet..

    Cheers Megan
  16. Don't you worry about them. I notice that whenever the weather turns less than perfect the number of bikes on the roads thins out very quickly and it's the scooter riders who soldier on regardless.
  17. You know what I enjoyed doing today. Jumping in the ute, turning the heater up, radio on and set the cruise control for home. I arrived home warm, refreshed and not smelling like a wet dog. Awesome stuff. You can jam riding in all weather. It may be "tough', but your morons...
  18. Looking forward to discussing this with you tomorrow night at coffee.
  19. Oh faaarck...
  20. After freezing big-time at the Pie Shop this afternoon, I could be convinced into becoming a fair-weather rider myself :LOL:.