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Last GP in Melb -Aus????

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Brian26146, May 31, 2005.

  1. Reading the rag today gave me the impression we are looking at the last GP in Melb and possibly Australia.

    The no ciggy ads laws come into affect about Oct and the GP has to be moved forward to accomodate the date because of the ads bans.

    So, possibly the last Barry Sheene ride down here, or anywhere in Aus, and the last Cranbourne to PI ride as well.

    SHEEEEETTTT I hope not. But where is the extra money to come from? The gov is already under pressure to not subsidize the event. Who else is going to throw in the money the fag moguls throw in now?

    Any ideas?

  2. The MotoGP and the F1 are exempt from tobacco advertising laws
  3. Asto1

    Sorry old fella but while I hardly ever believe what is in the rag, I am only saying what I read there.

    See Page 6 of todays missive.

    Headline in huge letters (editor no doubt smirking)

    Quote - "GP Riders rush to beat ad ban" - End Quote.

    Appears the real reason for the car GP being early is the same. Ciggy ads ban.

    Hope the editor is wrong in this case, but-----



    Edit**Thanks Martyh, just saw your post.

    Edit again*** The other countries have not been worrying about the high price like our mob though is what I was getting at.
  4. Martyh???

    Is that the latest pic of your bike??

    What are you trying to do?? Keep the repair shops in business by yourself??

    Any damage to your person???

    What happened?? Where? How?

  5. Doh... Sorry dude.. this is news to me.. I guess i been at work all day and no time to read papers :)
  6. Ah Yes, Luckeeeeeeeee.

    I went to a place called Stradbroke tonight. There was a roo on the side of the roade that would have stood 6'+ easy. He was fairly fresh so a truck must have got him this arvo. He would have been about 18" deep. If a bike had hit HIM, wow.

    I watch for them real careful in our neck of the woods specially about dark.

  7. Football codes lost ciggie sponsorship,
    Speedway did,
    Touring Car racing lost it as well &
    so did just about everything else and they are all still going.

    The F1, Moto & Superbike GP's will continue as long as the state government &/or private backers keep supporting it.

    Mind you from memory the Superbike GP doesn't have the exemption the Moto GP enjoys.
  8. F1 will move away from tobacco sponsorship soon anyway. Far too many circuits are having issues with it.

    Has me stuffed as to why...........

    When I smoked, I was always on the lookout for Mild Seven ciggys as they sponsored the Benetton team.
    Now today they still sponsor the Renault team (old Benetton) but after 3 years of not smoking, their advertising doesn;t make me want to rush out and buy a pack of ciggys.

  9. You're right pvda, but footy has lots of other support.

    Cars as in v8 etc I don't know much about them but when the bans hit the drags, it fell apart for about 3 years.
    There were 8 funny cars in TF and 13 rails, not that many now and there are several teams with 2 and 3 cars.
    Speedway I don't know much about except that most cars run from beg borrow or steal systems. Most of their sponsors give them parts etc reduced price an so on.

    What I'm getting at is that while private sponsorship might get up a bit, I doubt if there will be enough without gov support. That is where the prob lies with what has been in the media about how much the gov looses with the GPs. I think all the anti petrol heads will make a lot of noise about more money going in. Hope I am wrong though.

  10. Yeah Vic

    I was talking to somone about that tonight and I said I cannot remember what started me smoking, but I do remember the ads and I do think they influenced me somewhat then. Yu know the clean fresh taste and being cool and riding the range and all that bull.

    What puzzles me is why some take it up now without the ads? There are more ads to tell you not to than there are to tell you to take it up. BUT they still take it up. Why? Certainly not because a motorbike goes fast or a car looks good.

    Oh - Yes I am a reformed smoker. None since 1977. Was a pack a day+. Also pipe.

  11. vic is right. F1 is banning ciggie sponsorship either at the end of '06 or '07 (cant remember).

    Drag racing was already on a bit of a down hill slide when the cigs disappeared, The Touring cars were also in a quiet patch at the time so it only affected a few teams that got all the money anyway.

    You're pretty close to right on speedway though.
  12. I don't see the problem. I had to search the internet to find out who the hell Gauloises were anyway. I still don't know what Movistar do, they seem to be South American; they could be selling cocaine for all I know.

    With all these European companies sponsoring the bikes, our kiddies aren't gonna even know what habits they are supposed to be coerced into taking up...
  13. Now the drags were going real well when the Winfield (opps I should not mention them) team of Jim Read dropped out at the nationals because the event was sponsored by VicQuit (I think that was the name) A gov dept that wanted us to quit. All the cars with cig ads were banned unless they covered up. Several cars did not turn up, mainly the better ones of course. It was a real downer that year. As sponshorship is hard to get, many have dropped out. Look at the drags now. Cowins, Santos, Sainty, and one or two others. **Sad**

    Is the ban Aus wide or just Vic? Could the bikes go back to NSW?

  14. The V8 Supercars are going from strength to strength and they haven't had tobacco advertising for ages. Also it didn't seem to hurt Mick Doohan's team when they switched from Rothmans to Repsol.
  15. Telefonica Movistar, mobile phone service provider in italy / spain / greece
  16. This is the reason why the top motor racing series are so keen to get into "developing" nations like China, Turkey and the middle east. No restrictions. Virtually all the Europeans are close to (or already) banning tobacco sponsorship. But little by little the teams are turning to other sources such as phone companies, sports drink manufacturers, insurance fuel/oil etc..
    Australia is just in the middle of this. The only danger is that one of the new contenders outbids us, because in the end all the traditional venues will be tobacco free as well. Once MotoGP is weened off tobacco it'll be business as usual.
  17. whateverrrrr :roll:

    why dont the government just cut to the fuggen chase and ban ciggies?? all this piss farting around with ad campaigns and bans on ads and raising taxes on them etc is getting them nowhere. just get the ban over with and let them advertise them, will be hardly worth their while if they cant sell them here :wink:

    not that i give a shyte anywhich way, they could make them free and drop the legal age to 10 for all i care, or ban them completely and put the new baccy smugglers in jail.... whatever, just dont fark with the motorsports :twisted:
  18. Are you refering to the MotoGP? If so, I wasn't aware of it being run in Melbourne....