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Last few mods on my STrumpet advice

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Mr Messy, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Hey guys!
    Just shy of a year ago i bought a Black 2009 Triumph Sprint ST 1050, all stock.
    It ticked more of the right boxes than any other bike i tried, though even then i knew it needed a few mods (suspension, brakes, sprockets...) and that i WANTED to do a whole lot more!

    Jump to now and i have a nice mod list of what ive done.
    All hyperlinks in the list are to the places i sourced them (failing that, to the information page about the product), unless that stupid link creating thing leaps in.

    List is current as of 25/10/2012.

    Installed mods:
    -Osram Nightbreaker globes
    -Ventura VP-190 headlight protector
    -Radguard oil and radiator guard set
    -Throttlemeister Throttle Lock - heavy set
    -K&N air filter
    -Staintune exhaust with fixed baffles
    -18T front sprocket (was 19T)
    -PowerCommander-V and Autotune, dyno'ed to ~115rwhp
    -Uprated springs and valves in the stock suspension, with the rear lowered (no idea if its a link or shortened - i know SFA about suspension except that its heaps better now)
    -Luggage rack and Topbox with Backrest
    -Corbin gunfighter and lady locking seat
    -Clear indicator lenses
    -Garmin Zumo 660 and custom RAM mount
    -R&G knobs
    -Used some Metri-Pack connectors for the tankring below and the GPS above so that they can be removed without unwiring them from the fuse block
    -MFW supergrip pegs with 50mm extension adjuster (for Mrs Messy's comfort on the pillion seat)
    -Bags-Connection Electric Tank Ring, and Electric Top Ring, and 15-22L tank bag, and finally Electric Top Ring to Dual Cigarette Socket Adapter for long trips for easy power access
    -MRA Touring Screen - Light Tint
    -MotoBATT AGM battery
    -Twisted Throttle Power Hub
    -ASV C5 Black Long Levers

    Arrived mods, just need the time!:
    -Powerbronze Mudguard Extender
    -Anodised black front brake cylinder
    -Some decals like Sprint ST rim stickers
    -EBC HH pads
    -Zero gravity double bubble screen (technically ive got this off in place of the MRA)

    Paid for but waiting to arrive:

    Next on the list:
    - I want to change rear rotor for something a tiny bit more grippy (dont want to slide, its just that the rear brake has a bucketload of nothing when it gets hot)

    On hold for any reason:
    -MOSFET R/R sadly doesnt have a hope of fitting, so going to sell it on and get one designed to fit in that spot - bit more expensive but what the hey...
    -Powerbronze Hugger dudes reckon that they fit everyones sprint ST no problem, but im here to tell you it doesnt have a hope of fitting mine, which the ass end is standard size wheels etc. Trying for a refund and ill try another brand ;).
    -Oxford Heaterz Heated Motorcycle Handlebar Grips arent needed here, just couldnt resist the cheap price. Im sure ill use them eventually.
    -Denali D2D LED Driving Lights and Mounts need to have a bracket made of course!

    Dont worry, ill take LOTS of photos when its done... If i take progress shots, you will see my shoddy wiring :D!

  2. Some well planned mods in there, same sort of things I've got in mind for my 2004 Sprint ST.
  3. Hey again all.
    Looked around but cant find a specific answer...
    Can we add lights to the front of the bike - ie i would like to add two fender mounted LED lamps that point forward at the road - set up more to make me a little more visible than assist my own vision.

    Its more for when i do a few evening distance runs on the bike, hopefully coming up soon!

    For example:
  4. Hmm. When you say, "Can we add lights to the front of the bike?", do you mean:

    (1) Is it physically possible?
    (2) Will it work?
    (3) Is it legal to use them within the universe?

    It's physically possible and it'll work.

    In terms of legality, this probably explains all:

    I just fitted a pair of Denali D2D driving lights to my Tiger. Still giving them a bit of a shakedown in terms of aim and whether I want to use the driving-light beam or the diffuse cornering beam. :)

    I have a few photos demonstrating the relative power of the Tiger 1050's lowbeam, highbeam and the Denali D2D lights if you're curious.

    ADR 19/00 http://www.comlaw.gov.au/Details/F2007C00078 talks about driving lights on 2-wheel motorcycles (the "LC" class), possibly TMI. If there are two driving lights, they should be mounted symmetrically on the bike.
    They talk about having to have a gap of "no more than 100mm" between the edge of the reflector surface of the driving light and the edge of the reflector surface of the passing beam/highbeam. Huh. That's... not easy to achieve on a bike.

    I guess something else to consider is... The difference between (1) a light making the bike more conspicuous (e.g. City Lights/Daytime Running Lights, which are those LEDs you see on Audi cars, the 'angel eye' halos on some BMW cars, the Tiger 1050's little marker bulbs, etc) and (2) a light which actually casts useful light onto the road/retroreflectors is orders of magnitude in size and power. If you're only interested in being a little more conspicuous, perhaps some low-power LED lighting strips similar to Audi might be the solution? I think Takamii's been experimenting in such things if that's the case.
  5. Thanks for the great answer spots, appreciate it :D.
    Would like to see the photos, sure.

    Reading stuff now.
    I suppose a mix of visibility and vision would be nice. Its the Denali's im tempted to mount on the fairing, and give me a wider light field in the near area ~50 metres. As those lights arent affected by load they should have no problem with aiming once set, or so i imagine.


    Specific (Driving lamps)
    • Two additional pairs of driving lamps may be fitted to a motor
    • The driving lamps must be mounted symmetrically on the vehicle.
    • The light emitted must not cause the driver discomfort either
    directly or indirectly through the rear view mirror and/or other
    reflecting surfaces of the motor vehicle.
    • Driving lamps must not be placed wider than the dipped beam
    • The colour of light emitted from driving lamps must be white.
    • Additional driving lamps must only operate in conjunction with the
    high beam circuit and must be fitted with an independent on/off
    • There is no individual height specification for the fitting of driving

    Hey that works for me - the fender mounts would be closer together than the headlights - at least, i think they would be :p.
    Id for sure wire up a separate switch for them, but only with high beam? My high beam is shit. Needs to be supplemented sure. Maybe i could get a real low wattage on the low beam - like angels eyes etc etc, and the higher beam of them could be a decent brightness for aiding the high beam?

    Bleh ADRs says i cant do a thing though... except a reversing lamp! :p
  6. The "Driving lights must not be mounted wider than the lowbeam" thing is a car-specific requirement, so probably worth ignoring that. :) The motorcycle-specific ADR 19-00 is a little different.

    The Denali D2Ds are pretty cool, in dual-dutycycle mode.
    There's an on/off button to turn the lights on and off.
    When the bike is on lowbeam and the LED lights are on, they run at 40% duty cycle.
    When the bike is on highbeam and the LED lights are on, they run at 100% power. :D

    Or they can be wired to 100% power only, on/off only.
  7. Rereading your first post, i have the same issue too, a little visibility to the sides of straight ahead would be handy as well as some straight ahead illumination...

    That sounds like the way i would want to run them right there Spots. D2D's huh... Did you also get yours from twisted throttle or is there an aussie distributor that i cant find? Also, did you need that CANBUS adapter? I havent looked into the electrics of my bike much as yet. They just work and im happy with that for now haha.
  8. So, Tiger Euro-cutoff lowbeam. The tiger's on a centrestand so the lights appear to be aimed a bit low, but sure. The camera's on a tripod and on manual exposure, so the exposures are consistent from shot to shot.

    Bearing in mind that I haven't had a proper chance to evaluate whether I've ideally aimed the LEDs. Gotta go exploring some twisty roads late at night.

    LEFT: Low-beam only is the 'tiger_low.jpg'. Behold how the Euro cutoff doesn't send a single photon of light above the cutoff line, which is why I fitted the LED driving lights (and may switch the LEDs to the diffuse cornering beam in fact). The highbeam doesn't help much with cornering/leaning over on unlit backroads either, as it's a tight pencil highbeam intended to illuminate retroreflectors in the next state over rather than sending light into a corner.

    MIDDLE: Low-beam + 40% duty LEDs is the 'tiger_low_LED.jpg'. The LEDs brighten up the road above the low-beam a small amount, but not massively.

    RIGHT: And 'deathstar cannon' is 'tiger_high_LED.jpg'. Sweet jesus. Like I said before, the highbeam is a tight pencil beam aimed slightly left of the centre of the lowbeam. Everything else is the LEDs.

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  9. I got mine from TwistedThrottle, yeah.

    CANBUS adaptor isn't required - that's for BMWs.

    For my installation I used the posi-taps to tap into the Tiger's marker-bulbs for the "igniton on" = 40% duty mode. The other posi-tap taps into the highbeam circuit right beside the highbeam bulb.

    The other two connections are the motorcycle's battery terminals.

    I'm not sure where the best locations to tap into a 12V switched source and the highbeam circuit on a Sprint ST are.
  10. Thats awesome. Sold me on getting a set right there, just what these totally unlit roads up north need.
    Yeah i should be able to trace the wires no problem. Doesnt sound too difficult :D. I suppose you just followed the brake lines with your wires up the forks?
  11. I'll try to make time on Friday night to properly aim/test/etc and get s'more photos if you'd like to wait for that. Haven't had a chance to really use them 'in anger' just yet. :)
  12. Oh i think im happy to go with it mate. I want a set i was just worried about the legality :p. The set up in either case will benefit the existing by a mile.
  13. Yeah. I suspect the biggest issue as far as legality is concerned is the same legality (or lack thereof) as using highbeams around other vehicles.

    For example: On highbeam with the LEDs on 100% power on QLD roads, there is a small chance of dazzling people in Western Australia. Both shots are the same exposure (though slightly recomposed). The first photo is with the marker lights/parking lights on and lowbeam off. The other one is at full noise. ;)

    Edit: added a lowbeam + markers photo as comparison.

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  14. Updated my list in the first post...
  15. Just quoting that bit to get your attention Spots. Can you do a well lit photo of where you mounted the lights please? I planned on the fender but it may work better in a similar location to yours, at least you can angle them down a little better and still get some distance.
  16. Nice work Spots. I only realised how very average my Sprint's lights were when I rode home from rural Vic one night instead of through suburbia.

    I'll be following you Mr Messy to see how your bike ends up.
  17. My lights are mounted on the Twisted Throttle under-chin mount:



    They bolt in just behind/under the chin of the bikini fairing, where the fairing itself bolts onto the forward part of the chassis.

    I tried 'em out for cornering the other night on a super-twisty road (e.g. challenging to maintain 60kph through the corners) and on most of the corners the LEDs made a huge difference to vision through the corner with the bike leaned over, and on the short mountain-pass straights, though I haven't yet tried a long inland highway to see what sort of distance they can throw light. On the other hand, on some of the really tight corners I was still "out-riding" my light.

    I'm tempted to replace one or both lenses with the diffuse lens (which scatters light wider) and see how that works.

    Edit: One challenge I had was finding a logical way to route and store the wiring, as some of the connectors are pretty bulky and some of the cables are pretty thick. The cables from the controller to the LEDs themselves are LONG. Super-long. The Posi-tap cables to tap into the bike power are about the right length or a tiny bit short. The battery leads to the controller are a bit short IMHO and really limit where the controller can be stored. I dunno what similarities the Tiger and Sprint share in terms of space utilisation, etc.
  18. No worries ewok :).
    Be a little while for all the toys to arrive and for me to have time to put them on :).
    Planning a tassie run feb/mar next year so hopefully got it all set up by then.

    Spots, thanks mate!
    Dont think that mount will suit mine unfortunately, so i might just have to see how i go down on the fender and use it for diffuse lighting, or get creative with my metalwork.
    I hear you on the cabling, i think im going to have to make some sort of waterproof junction box under the front fairing, as ive a crapload of stuff to route wires for.
    Extra lights, gps (using the tiger cable for that - the piggyback is the same on the sprint), power commander, oxfords heaterz, etc etc lol.
    Might get one of those fusible junction boxes ive seen somewhere... make sense to fuse everything.

    One thing i need to look up is the output of the charging system and the capacity for extras on the bike for my trip - want to run all that plus charge a phone and probably camera/intercom set.

    edit: Oh, i might have to consider shortening wires if they are THAT long. Ill see how the pins in the connectors are held - might be possible. There sfa underseat room on the ST since its an underseat exhaust, so anything i do is going to have to happen either around the airbox or under the side fairings.
  19. Well, the next round of mods are starting to arrive, rest due inside 3 weeks. Off the bike for now and stripped it down.
    Got to get excited and drain the tank some and remove it too - never done it on this bike before.

    Off for a month id say - half an hour or so a day will be spent on the bike after i finish my company tax off in the next few days lol.
  20. Yikes, the people who fitted the commander and tune could have done a better job of routing the cables!
    Took the tank off today and damn! Ill be sorting this out some as i do all the other wiring too!

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