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Last Book you read

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ibast, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. So inline with the movie thread, what was the last book you read?

    I just finished the Martian. I really quite liked it. The movie is very close so you imaging Matt Damon as the character, but it is quite funny.

    How about you guys?
  2. Not long finished The Difference Engine. Bit more Edwardian era boning than I anticipated I must admit, but quite good none the less.
  3. Last book I read was on old favourite, One Day In the Life of Ivan Denisovich. That was January. I tend to only read when I'm travelling for work and stuck in airports and motels.
  4. Just finished Wicked Embers the 2nd book in the A Souls Of Fire Series. Go Sis.

    Next up Going to revisit the Deathstalker series by Simon R Green,
  5. End of Watch, Stephen King, 3rd book of the Mr Mercedes trilogy, 3.5 stars
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  6. 3.5 out of how many? I liked the first Mr Mercedes, I haven't read the other two as yet.
  7. Currently re-reading the Jack Ryan series, up to Executive Orders at home, and reading the biography of Chuck Yeager at work
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  8. I've been trying to work my way through the golden age of sci fi stuff. Just finished Aldiss' Helliconia series.
    Dunno. Little bit dissatisfied. I guess if you consider when it was written then the imagineering is pretty damn impressive. But there are just too many convenient improbables for something that aspires to more or less hard science, and it definitely wanders into mysticism by the end.
    I suppose the idea of carbon-copy humans evolving simultaneously on the only comparable life-supporting planet nearby can only be justified by mysticism.
    I found it hard to warm much to the characters in any case.
    Might try Zelazny or Silverberg next.
  9. I'm a big King fan, for 35 years I guess. But recent offerings have not been as good. MM 2 and 3 I found lacking somewhat.
  10. I loved The Martian, and read it before the film, which meant that he wasn't Matt Damon to me. I thought the film was an excellent adaptation. The kids have all read it too and loved it. A really good read.

    The last book I read was Emma by Jane Austin. A bit slow in places like most Jane Austin, but entertaining enough. It was also a little too obvious, and a bit to much "happy endings", but ticked it off my list. Before that was Wuthering Heights, which I found a bit too depressing.
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    Always been a Michael Crichton fan - just read Next.

    OK - not his best work.

  12. 5, I don't think his work has been as good since he got run over. A lot of his books in recent years are just ok, nothing special, not like his earlier works.
  13. Agreed, his later books are ok, just not special which they used to be.
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  14. Tuono Owners Manual - it was very exciting but the plot was fairly predictable.
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  15. Halfway through King's The Dark Tower Book 4.

    Been there for a while so will need to pull my thumb out and finish it. :D
  16. "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
    Read them all, took me twenty years between the Gunslinger and The Drawing of the Three, then I read the rest over two weeks. Want to know how it ends ?
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  17. I havent been able to really hook into the series. I get about halfway through the first book and just cant get past
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  18. Yeah I was the same,, once you get a grip on Rowlands charachter it starts to fall into place, but definately for King fans only I reckon.
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  19. Worth a read if for nothing else, just to be able to conjure up the word "lobstrocities"....
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    For about the fifth time in twenty years I've recently re-read Chickenhawk by Robert Mason.

    It is a US helicopter pilot's account of serving in the Vietnam War, and arguably one of the defining accounts of that war.
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