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Last 15 Active Topics

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Topics belonging to Forums within the 'The Lighter Side' category no longer appear in the Last 15 Active Topics listing on the forums front page.

    This is to reduce the prominence of non-motorcycle related topics appearing within that list.
  2. Has this been changed to not show posts from off topic, multimedia and the jokes section now???

    If it has why???? and if it hasn't then this is letting you admin guys know it's not showing the new posts from these sections

    I assume that this is the right place to ask??
  3. Yes, now if you post something that isn't directly bike related it will go into its appropriate forum, where, of course, no-one will know to look for it, because they won't know it's been posted. The lunatics are running the asylum.......

    OK that's my rant

    NOW, if the purpose of this heavy-handed process is to deal with the idiots, what about having the courage to deal with THEM directly, instead of this classroom "punish eveyone and catch the idiots in that net" methodology.

    If my Wizard of Id posts are annoying people, or Paul's Friday Funny, or Doonk's 'What's for lunch' thread, what about telling us directly and giving us the opportunity to find out about before everyone who's not involved???

    End of second rant

    {Yes, I'm upset}
  4. Thanks jd I didn't catch that one.
  5. What a pathetic idea. If its a crap post it will disappear from the list quick enough. Why not let the audience decide what's relevant?
  6. Agreed, dont like not seeing the jokes in the top 15... put them back :p
  7. ... shakes head.

    First up, more power to you guys for providing such a well utilised and frequented motorcycling site.

    ...honestly, what did you expect??? Mouth, you've been shaming folk into using the search function prior to making (redundant) posts and since this is a mature site with almost every motorcycling question asked and answered... the rate of directly motorcycling posts has dropped and this community is becoming more chatty in nature.

    What is your ultimate vision for this site?
  8. An excellent question.

    This latest development makes the site less user-friendly, not more. I suspect it's driven by the desire to have first-time visitors to Netrider see 15 exciting motorcycle-related threads, rather than OT stuff.

    Unfortunately, it overlooks the needs (or at least, preferences) of regular forum users.

    I'd like it changed back please.
  9. :WStupid:

    Leave it how it was is my vote but this being a non democratic forum means what Mouth wants Mouth gets (which is only fair considering the time and effort he puts in).....
  10. have to admit i preferred it the way it was before.
    i only ever look in on Netrider from time to time throughout the day in between work so i dont have time to go looking through the different forums. i only ever look at and reply to the latest posts.
  11. Or perhaps, in the interest of people that do or dont want to see OT stuff; In yor account options, have a bunch of check boxes to enable top 15 posts from different threads, ie. I could select everything but wanted and for sale areas, or deselect the off topic area... And let people choose for themselves whats in the top 15...

    I know this means more programming if you cant get an easily installable module, but I'll help :p :p :p (no really, i will)

    EDIT: And perhaps the default could be just on topic motorbike stuff.
  12. :LOL: The top 15 will never change, the bulk of new discussion on here is non-morotcycle related because all the questions have already been asked and answered.
  13. ppppppffffft ..... geez the fun police are active today
  14. One minute of silence everyone...

  15. Fun police? Sure feels like that today...
  16. Well I guess that's the result of way too much information being included in this forum that is not motorcycle related.

    Some of the lighter side is good, but recently it's been spot the motocycle topic.
  17. Unbelievable.

    It's requested, implemented and then shit canned.

  18. IMO you have gone about it the wrong way, as I mentioned to you in the PM the other night, specific topics should not be listed in the Top 15, whereas all the other crap should be.

    The reason being that threads like Wanted and For Sale end up as general discussion/off topic convos because people click on them simply because it has come up in the top 15 not because they are actually going to be able to follow through with the request.

    Top 15 IS general convo in all reality, otherwise maybe the only threads in top 15 should be general, off topic, and jokes, in fact why are these even seperate categories in the first place?
  19. General, Is a general discussion forum about bike related matters.

    Off Topic, Is like "Did anybody see the news"/ Watch Lost eg Not bike related.

    Jokes, Well explains itself

    Personally I think that this move is a good idea. If you want to check out the Off Topic stuff, just scroll down and click on the individual forums. How hard is it :? :? to move the mourse down one tiny Centimetre :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.