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Larry learner gets first bike.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Darmac, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Finally found my first bike. After a few weeks saving and constant searches i stumbled across exactly what i was after. I paid $2500 for a 2007 Suzuki Gs500. 46 k on the clock, well looked after, heated grips, bag rack, good tyres.
    Rode it home the same day from Menai to Bexley nth straight down the m5. Not ideal as this was my first real ride but i had the missus following me in the car so i felt a bit safer. She ran well and once home i couldn't help popping out to the garage for a look every ten minutes.
    Wouldn't start the following (cold) morning and i was a bit worried but after charging the battery she's been good ever since.
    Of late I've been doing early morning rides around sydney and loving it. Out to milperra, over to maroubra and bondi.
    Picked up a couple of takeaway coffees to bring home to the missus thinking i was pretty clever though this just made a mess of my bike bag and wasted $10.
    My ride to work is too short to be satisfying but that hasn't stopped me if the weather is fine.
    Thankfully i haven't had any scary incidents while riding although i am very concious of the dangers and am loving the nods and waves i get from other riders. Its great to see.
    Really looking forward to some longer rides and more road experience.


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  2. welcome aboard :] congrats on the purchase, hope you have a ball
  3. G'day and welcome, LarryLarry. Maybe a couple of these handlebar-mounted cup-holders might be the answer for those café rides?
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  4. no way would I let my missus sit behind me in her car when I ride a bike
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  5. I agree as I always like to go from behind.
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  6. So let me get this straight...:-/
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  7. Hang on a minute, he did say...............

    Whose fault is that then?
  8. Jeez... you guys and your twisted innuendos. ..its a wonder you get any riding done... too busy thinking up jokes... and.. sex tips? Ha.. And thanks for the other tip xj6n.. on my L's so i gotta drink something. That's the other hard part.... sunny afternoon... beer or bike? .. hmm
  9. Well...Welcome to the fun house.