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Laro V-Retro

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. I looked at these to maybe replace my Sachs Madass.

    It looks good for the money, its under the new 220cc to put it in the lowest CTP class in NSW.

    Saw it in the flesh and it seemed better quality than my Sachs which is fairly good for chinese.

    The dealer claims its from the same factory that makes the Scorpio. For what that is worth.
  2. That is so cool! Where does one go to see it in the flesh?
  3. i like it as a blank canvas and a good round town kind of bike ect.

    just curious really.
  4. Its a revamp of the old Yamaha TW200:


    If its anything like the original (and apprently it is) it should make for a good, cheap, fun ride. Awesome platform for a bobber, too, provided you're happy with the mild power on offer.

    Cheers - boingk
  5. Ive only seen (and had a brief ride on) one of the laro cruisers, and everything about it had a very unfinished look and feel to it, with a pretty poor engine.
    But, for a cheap banger, it would be fine i guess. Id forget resale though, i suspect these are worse then hyo.
  6. 3 grand a pop for a baby street tracker
    that thing will put deus ex machina out of business over night.
    just de-badge it, lose the pea shooter can, fit solo seat and sticky tires.
    yes it's slow, but it's bloody noisy and it's got a fat 180 on the rear.
    the perfect neighborhood blatmobile.
    i think they'll be snapped up fast, supply out stripped by demand
    if i had the credit i'd buy it now.
  7. I've got credit enough... for two! Ah, irresponsible banking at its best...

    In all seriousness, your plan sounds pretty awesome MonkeyMan. I'd be up for that for sure. Plus an overbore, and a stage 1 camshaft, and a larger carburettor, and, and, and...

    - boingk
  8. I saw it at motociclio homebush sydney

    I said above that the dealer said that it was from the same factory as the yamaha scorpio, make that the dealer claimed the engine was from the same factory as the scorpio.
  9. I think i read somewhere that Hyosung says they make suzuki too.....
  10. There's plenty of 'premium' branded gear around that actually comes from the same factories (and often uses the same components internally) as the 'budget' gear. Scorpio is an entry level bike and its manufacture is outsourced to some cheap, non-japanese part of asia. I find it entirely possible the same factory would also make Laros... and probably a dozen of other models as well.

    And Hyosung did make parts for Suzuki. I don't recall any official claims that they made whole Suzuki bikes.