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Laro/Regal Raptor support in sydney?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wolfe, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. Between here and mychinamoto, I'm aware that most folks have a pretty low opinion of Chinese bikes. Despite the common sentiment, I bought rode a 2006 Regal Raptor DD250-9B when I was in China and sold her with sadness when I returned to God's Country. My sole experience with a Chinese bike was positive.

    I'm in the market now for a *cheap* LAMS bike (cruiser or sit-up) and that present some challenges. There aren't too many cruisers under $2500 (my absolute max). I found a low-mileage 2011 version of the same DD250 on Gumtree and I must admit, I'm tempted.

    There are a few Japanese cruisers around the $2500 mark but they're all well-loved mid-90s models. Prejudice aside, is a 20 year old Japanese bike going to be that much better than a 4 year old Chinese bike with only 1500km on the clock? Obviously getting parts and a mechanic for a Japanese bike is going to be trivial. How well represented are Laro/Lifan/etc. in Sydney? I haven't been able to find much from a quick googling so I think I know what the responses will be.

    Hoping you'll tell me differently though.

    As a side note, I see a lot of Hyosung's on the 2nd hand sites. Am I right that a Hyosung would be a decent buy?
  2. Dont touch a Chinese bike. If I had $2500 I would look at
    Kawasaki el250, vn250
    Or a hyosung next after that
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  3. I think a 15-20 year old jap bike would be a better option than the Chinese bike.

    if your not in a hurry look around you might get a great deal.

    And yes I ride one a 1997 EL.

    Other options a Virago or Boulevard
  4. OK you've convinced me. I'll keep looking for a Japanese cruiser.

    The 15 year old ones are all still around $5k so it might be closer to 20yo :)
  5. $5k for a fifteen year old 250 cruiser. Dreaming...