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Laro Leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by undii, May 19, 2006.

  1. Just seeing if anyone has used/knowledge on Laro Leathers Website located at http://www.laroleathers.com.au/index.php

  2. They sell stuff on ebay too - and with 100% positive feedback they must be doing something right...
  3. I bought one of their metro leathers jackets. Thumbs up.


  4. What is the fit like of them??? Are they nice tight fitting jackets like most sports leathers jackets (Dainese, Alpinestar, Ixon etc) or are they a slightly looser, more relaxed fitting jacket (provided you get the correct size)
  5. Nice tight fitting jacket, very well cut IMHO.

  6. doesnt matter what brand jacket u get, just make sure its good quality leather and that it fits/moulds ur body well :wink:
  7. That's what i like to here!! It is a nice looking jacket. It has that classic, clean look and isn't all superbike racer fancy but at the same time has a little bit of colour to brighten the jacket up.

    I may just have to invest in one! Then buy some pants to zip to it for track days or scratching adventures!
  8. i just purchased one online and it will arrive in a few days. just hope its the right size otherwise im screwed. they look pretty good and i hear the quality is good too.

    let you guys know in a few days
  9. Sir_b, since you have had the jacket now for a couple of months what do you think about it?

    Whats the Pros and Cons with the Laro Metro jacket?

    Anyone has any feedback on LARO METRO jackets?

    Im thinking about buying the leather metro jacket and pants...

    Cheers :D
  10. Laro is my good friends cousins business! haven't tried any yet - maybe I should try for some freebies??
  11. I'll take a freebie... :LOL: ;)

    My friends, friends, cousin.... "so what does that make us?" "Absolutely nothing" :LOL: (spaceballs)

    I'm also wondering about this brand, as I looked at the new Dianesse series and was about $1800 for a 2piece :shock:
  12. I noticed that their sizing is fairly limited too but glad to hear some good reports!
  13. I wonder if they will make a custom XXL, because i wont fit into there largest jacket XL.
  14. Cool, and you found a bike to match it. :grin:
  15. Did someone say .... FREEBIES!?!??
    Yes please! :p

    Their stuff does look nice, and simple too. :p
  16. I have emailed Laro and asked them about there sizing... There response is:

    Good to hear that they will look after us taller and larger guys...
  17. I am thinking of giving this a try... a few questions for someone who have one of those...

    1. I am wearing size S on my textile jacket.. but after measure, it looks like I might need to get size M for the laro.. Anyone around S.E.Suburb has a size S or M who can help me out and let me have a quick try on his? It will be much appreciated..

    2. The vents make much difference at all in warm days? Or.. all leathers are hot in warm days?

    3. How would that compare to RMgear leathers apart from the cost.

  18. cash,

    Just bought one of there textile jackets off ebay, no issues whatsoever. My current leather jacket would be an L,(54 I think) and the laro I got was XL, and they both fit just fine. from my experiance you may need to one size up on normal. Sure they'd exchange though if you are paying full price, ie, not ebay.

  19. yeah.. thanks ross... From your experience...Do you think I should get the small or the medium from my meassurement below? He recommended SMALL size.. I am on Small size for my textile jacket... but, my chest is 2cm bigger than the jacket small size..

    Chest = 99cm
    Waist = 90cm
    Arm = 64m

    This is their sizing chart..

    Chest = 97cm
    Waist = 90cm
    Arm = 61cm

    Chest = 105cm
    Waist = 97cm
    Arm = 62.5cm
  20. I bought a pair of the track pants from Laro (I got lucky and got them new for $124 off Ebay instead of the regular $280 :)).

    Good quality product. the pants have a zipper on the back which happens to fit the zipper on my RM Gear jacket!

    I was a bit unsure of the sizing since the smallest pants size they had (size 32) was way to small (according to the sizing chart they have) which was unusual because I wear a 30/32 normally. However upon getting them they fit perfectly, if a little long in the leg...but that's the case with every pair of pants I buy.