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LARO leathers, should I buy or shouldnt I

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by frogkyle2005, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Im looking to buy my first bike soon and the problem is i need some cheap, yet durable leathers. I have my eye set on Laro leathers and I plan to buy the leather metro jacket and leather track pants.

    my question is, dose anyone own a pair or had any bad experiences wearing them, if so are they of high quality or just some cheaply made china shit.

    thanks guys
  2. I've got a pair of their track pants (picked them up off Ebay direct from the seller, brand new, for $124).

    The guy who runs it (Anthony if I remember rightly) seems like a nice guy and he's a rider too. Cannot comment on quality as I have never come off in them but I've worn them a fair bit and I've had no problems with the seams or anything else. The zip on the back of them also fit my jacket that I got from RM Gear so that was handy (by the way I also recommend checking out the stuff at RM Gear).
  3. I've had good feedback from someone who had a full suit made to measure. She's very happy with the quality and fit.
  4. thanks guys for your replys but is there anyone eles who uses laro leathers and can quote on the quality?????
  5. My breeze textile jacket is just fine, no issues at all

  6. If you're on a tight budget then RM or Laro is the sort of area you want to look. They'll be durable enough as long as you don't treat them like crap.

    "high quality" and "i need some cheap" don't really go together unless you're buying stolen stuff.
  7. My brother has a two-piece suit, and is delighted with the quality...
  8. sounds good then, I'll wait a couple of weeks and see if he post's any on ebay first but if not i guess I'll have to pay full price!

  9. i know of someone selling a Laro leather Jacket either M or L size. black and grey.
  10. thanks for the offer but im a real shorty. dose he have a Small?
  11. a small what?

    I've never seen it but...

    oh the Jacket...

    One thing he did complain about was that the armour didn't really sit well on his shoulders. So it's a concern if you are buying online as you can't really try it on. Although I do know that my friend was able to exchange the jacket for a different size.
  12. Wonder who that is ... Hmm.. the armour is sitting okay now.. just need time to adjust itself to your shape.. Best money can buy for leathers.
  13. not that quick on the uptake aye "im.on.it"! :p

    well If thats the case I'll just buy it online then! oh and by the way Laro leathers has a show room now in sydney, too far for me though. :cry:
  14. So they do! Excellent news, I always wanted to check them out but was weary of ordering without having a personal look and a fitting first. The shop is in Lidcombe which is a bit out of the way for me but going to Lidcombe sure beats going to Melbourne, which is where all the other small brands like Laro seem to be :)
  15. I have a leather jacket (metro?) and tour pants.

    The structural build quality is good, but liners have torn in both the pants and the jacket. Split at the seems.

    I also find the pants a bit tight over the knees, to the point I have removed the knee padding.

    I would buy them again, however, because for the price, they are hard to go past.

    I wear them 5 days a week.

  16. How long have you had them before it started to split and tear?
  17. Not long for the jacket. few weeks. the webbing has started to separate from one of the pockets.

    It must be hard to find a good way to attach this mesh product, so I sympathize with Laro on this one.

    The pants took a few months. it's basically in the crotch, where 4 bits of material are sown together. this could be solved be double stitching.

    I feel bad "outing" them on the forum, because I do believe the basic product is good, they are just in the early stages and as such need to dot a few T's and cross a few I's.

    I'll fix these things myself and still will have saved a lot of money. I will also get around to giving the company some feedback, so they can address the problems in their next models.

    Certainly, from a safety point of view, I highly recommend them as they look and feel structurally very sound.
  18. For anyone interested.

    Just emailed the laro team and in 5-6 weeks their releasing a Two piece suit. They said their just finalising the designs. Im gona wait till it comes out before I buy the Metro jacket and touring pant, the 2 peice might be cheaper. :grin:
  19. at MCA Supermarket in Parramatta SYDNEY some Rjays Leather jackets are for sale around 200.00 buks....I saw them last night when picking up my Rjays Speed II Textile jacket.... I didnt pay too much attention as I did not want to get tempted as I liked the look of the Speed jacket eventhough it's textile... :p if Laro is around 300.00 go get Rjays for 200.00 thats my 2 cents...
  20. I have an RJ's leather jacket and I had an off at 70kph where I slid on tarmac for about 10-15 metres.

    The leather wore through - it was lucky it was in a spot where there armour otherwise the road would have torn up my skin

    Don't skimp on quality guys!

    I'm looking for some leathers now as well... I think spending some extra $$ is worthwhile