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LARO jackets ??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by MGz-87, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Hey,
    just want to know what everyones opinion is on laro leather jackets? they seem to look good and are a resonable price. what is everyones experience with them?? quality??

    also where can i go to see/try on the jackets??

    any info would be appreciated
  2. no idea on laro, but have a go at racemaster www.rmgear.com.au

    they're in narre warren if you want to try something on and give discounts to netriders :wink:
  3. What you pay is what you get.. be carefull many of these jackets are being made in Pakistan and China. Exactly same make with the name tagged on as LARO. There are few available on Ebay for 100-150..

    I'd say pay some more and get a decent one like Tiger Angel or AlpineStar. You don't wanna regret when you fall.

    There are few sales are on for Motorcycle gears, you might wanna search the forum for links. Check our scorpion gear.. http://www.scorpionracegear.com.au/ ;)
  4. Hey there.

    I have a Laro jacket that I bought off ebay... I really like it. Great looking jacket, fits great, and a great price. Having said that I haven't had a spill in it yet, so not 100% sure how it would hold up but to me it seems like it would protect me just fine.

    Gotta love ebay.

  5. thanks for the replys.

    so the general feel is dont go with LARO or is everyone unsure?
    can anyone give me any information on experiences with them. because all i seem to hear is positive feedback. ??

    has anyone had a stack in one of these??

    im going to check them out 2moro. what should i look for quality wise??

    thanks again,
  6. I have a 1 piece race or road leathers, they are as good as anything else out there. You will get Laro gear at a good price because the guy is just starting out in business.
  7. i have got all my gear through laro and Anthony..

    great service and i was very surprised with the quality..

    by the way guys.. Just have a look where alpine stars is made next time your in a shop.. LOL.. you will be surprised.. the only other stuff I would have brought was dainese although out of my price ranbge for now.. Extremely happy with Laro leathers and summer jacket !!!!!

    i would recommend to anyone.
  8. yeah had a look at these jackets today.. and VERY impressed with the quality...

    when at the motorcycle expo today after checking out the LARO gear i noticed that the RJAYS jackets are exactly the same jacket only in different styles and marked with RJAYS logo. They are both made in PAKISTAN and are EXACTLY the same jacket.

    i would give a big THUMBS up to LARO and anthony.

    TOP STUFF! :biker: