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Laro 350 Lawless

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by BLABBUS TOOLICUS, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Whats happened to Tonkatoy ?
    I was just getting started.

    Looks like it didnt take Raven long to swing the Ban Hammer.

  2. #2 hornet, Jul 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 24, 2015
    It was not Raven...

  3. Killjoys,no wonder there is a Mod bashing thread.
    The bloke was manna from heaven for someone like me.
  4. Sorry Blabs. Had to be done.
  5. Yea ,but just remember,I was on to him first and exposed him as a troll.
  6. Takes one to know one?
  7. Went searching for it to see which straw broke the camels back but thread has been exterminated.
  8. Laro got nuked from orbit.
  9. Youré new -yes
  10. Easy tiger. Just hav'n a chuckle
  11. Yea well,that may be the case,but I take this place pretty seriously.
  12. So I've noticed
  13. Popcorn anyone?
  14. I love you hahahahahaha
  15. [-( well if this is how Laro treat their potential customers.

    ...soo many questions dammit.
  16. Jason stopped the thread because it appeared to be advertising without paying to be able to advertise...

    I THINK it was just a bloke trying to help a mate's business but anyone doing the same thing is going to get the same result; if you want to advertise here you have to pay for it.
  17. Fair enough too. But I think he was doing more harm to the brand than good.

    Edit: He should have been directed to netrider, they would have made him really welcome.
  18. I hear NR are recruiting new mods... :bolt:
  19. I nominate Blabbus Toolicus !

    On a completely different, though not necessarily unrelated, topic....

    ... I've run out of drugs.:rofl: