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largest of the 250's? eh?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by BRK, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. greetings.

    a question that has been on my mind for roughly 12 minutes is:

    which is the largest 250 from the leading makes, ie: cbr, rgv,fzr, zzr.??

    im interested in purchasing a 250 but im uncertain to which is the largest.

    im 6", will they all fit?

    jeers, in advance.

  2. KLR250?

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. 6 Foot should see you on most bikes.

    I would recommend a VTR250 or the Hyosung GT250R
  4. GT250R is a perfect size for me (5" 8) and ive tried a cbr250rr....too friggin small, head hangs over the screen. Actually, hmm...perfect? might be about 1mm too big for me, so it should be perfect for you :grin: :cool:
  5. Suzuki Across.

    But you're not that big. You can ride anything.
  6. +1
  7. the 250 Hornet is probably the biggest bike, physically, but then you may not want to get a four, or a grey import.....
  8. Try the cbr250r, I'm 6'1" and i fit fine on it. I look like a monkey on a miniture bike, but its comfy enough.
  9. 6'2" and 90odd kilos.

    Naked bikes are the best, GT250, VTR250 or one of the grey imports, zeal, balius etc.

    Faired bikes, GT250R, GPX250 or ZZR250. Also the Aprilia 250 s smoke is not too small.

    Cruisers are probably the roomiest, lots if styles here.

    If you want heaps then a 250 dirt bike with road tyres would be good as well.

    When will they bring bloody LAMS into Victoria!~ :mad: :mad: :mad:
  10. Yep nakeds are good but also look for bikes that share a common frame with a larger version. The 250 Hornet mentioned is one example (but only available as a grey import), the 250 Bandit is another and was sold here officially (same frame as the 400). The Zeal is another good choice that was sold here but can be hard to find.
  11. I'm 6" and I seem to do ok on a cbr250rr. Initialy I thgouht it was abit too small but I didnt like anyother options that I liked so I jus got the cbr...

    I like the high reving cbr...
  12. im almost 6,2 and the VTR works fine for me, even on the long hauls.
  13. You're only 6 inches tall?!? I don't think you'll fit on any of the bikes you mentioned... :wink:

    and why are you jeering at me? :grin:

    On a more serious note, you should fit on most of those bikes easily enough, I'm about 6 feet tall and ride a GPX250 without any problems. The VTR is supposed to be one of the better 250's for taller riders.
  14. I just clock 6 foot, and am quite comfortable on the ZZR 250
    The Hyosung is also prety comfortable and a lot more agressive in it's positioning than the ZZR. But the Hyo weighs more and doesn'tt have the top end of the ZZR, thought it launches like a serios SOB (Well as serios as a 250 gets)
  15. im 5'11, 90kgs and i make the 1000rr look small :shock:
    i cant imagine putting a little baby-blade underneath me :?
  16. GSF250 . . . the baby Bandit !
    I reckon its bigger and heavier than the Hornet !
  17. thanking all for the comments,

    i spose i shalt just sit on all the 250's and figure which one i enjoy being mounted on.

    Probably going to lean toward a bike with fairings, which may limit my options size wise.


  18. There's not much in it, though, Mr B!!

    The baby Bandit is around 156kgs dry weight, vs the Hornet at 149kgs dry. They both have around the same power rating, however.
  19. Kawasaki Eliminator 250V

    170kg dry weight !!! . . . :eek:

    I think we have a winner !!
  20. Aprilia RS250 140kg dry weight, 50-55hp@rw

    Very Big bike for a 250

    I'm 6'4 and 98kg.

    I fit nicely on it and it powers along like a frieght train on steroids.