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larger x7 gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by partiky, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. hi, my waist is 57" and i cant find anywhere that i can purchase jackets at that size...can anyone help me?

  2. any ideas who? linky maybe?
  3. ta for that link..still no luck at this point :(
  4. Underdog leathers say they can do custom sizing. I've not got anything of theirs, but a few other people seem to have good things to say about them. They're a netrider partner so you probably get some form of discount.


  5. Underdog do good leathers at an excellent price.

    Other places that do custom fitted gear are Tiger Angel and Walden Miller. There is also another maker in Sydney but I can't think of thier name at the moment.
  6. I got a 60 jacket off the rack at Mars Leathers. Try them.
  7. we can fit you partiky1

    email me at underdog@underdog-leathers.com

    there is a rep in ballarat, or alternatively I can send you a self sizing kit.

    we can do any size at all.
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  9. wow thnx jd!!!

  10. Just deleted about 8 posts of rubbish.
    Leave the $ullshit for some other place.
  11. well i just got back from doing the rounds of motorbike stores around adelaide. first place i went to just said that i will just have to get it customized. so i went to traxion leathers and the guy there was fantastic, great customer service and friendly nature. after choosing the jacket i wanted he took my measurements and then i paid my deposit.The grand total comes to $290 which i am very pleased with :)

    so thnx to all that helped me