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Larger Hadron Collider . . . is anyone concern ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. (Rog, yes its spelt right, not Hardon) :grin:

    So, anyone keeping tabs on this super dooper experiement.
    Knowing that NR has a good population of tech-heads and conspiracy theorists - some interesting discussions should come of this.

    I think nothing will happen.

    It will unlock the base research on teleportation, space travel and TRON like motorbikes ! :grin:
    . . . . Something we all need.
  2. But the yoooooniverse. Won't somebody think of the yooooooniverse?!?
  3. 'Large Hardon Collider' - coming to the gay section at an adult store near you!

    Friends who are in a position to know (i.e. particle physicists) have said (a) there have already been hundreds of thousands of collisions of similar energy conducted by nature (cosmic radiation, I think) on earth over the years - they just haven't happened in convenient places surrounded by sensors and (b) the chances of anything catastrophic going wrong are on the order of 10^-19.

    As a basis of comparison the probability of winning a 6-from-40 Lotto game are on the order of 10^-6. So something going wrong is the equivalent of getting the winning Lotto numbers exactly right every week for 10 trillion weeks.
  4. Its an interesting read on their website. Its all impressive on paper. All those high numbers and ridiculous amounts of zeros with regards to time, power and energy.

    Until you realise that the "explosions" theyre trying to reproduce (the big bang) contain about as much energy as someone clapping their hands.

    Their site is a good read. If youre a bit nerdy like me.


    and in particular, their FAQ pdf kinda puts it all in layman terms.


  5. :beer:
    I'd be so damn RICH
  6. I read about this in a novel (fiction) a while ago. It might've been a Dan Brown novel, I can't remember exactly.

    In the novel they went on about reckless scientific experiments that could result in an earth shattering, if not universe shattering kaboom.

    In the Herald-Sun the other day there was a report in it. The guy said that there were two possibilities (if it could happen, that is). One was that the earth would slowly self implode and taking the moon with it as everything was sucked into a black hole. No, they're not talking about the ATO.

    The second possibility was the "space and time fabric of the continuum" or some such rot would be ripped up, much like election promises, and we'd be goon in an instant.

    The author said that the second possibility was "more terrifying". Dunno why that'd be. If it happened we wouldn't know anything about it. However, knowing that we'd soon be gone would be terrifying.

    I s'pose that this guy would much rather die slowly, say of cancer, than having a massive heart attack and keeling over, not knowing, nor suffering.

    Anyway, I'm sure that God or one of his kids will save our bacon. We'll probably see a huge hand appear from the clouds and a finger stuck into the black hole to plug it up...
  7. I will sleep easy in the firm belief that we are safe. For the moment.
    But it does kinda remind me of the scenario of a classic old low-budget 70s sci-fi movie called 'Dark Star': IF you were a scientist and you had the power to perform an experiment that would confirm your brilliant unified theory of everything, even at the expense of destroying the universe... could you resist finding out?
  8. No, the world is not going to be sucked into a big black hole!
  9. theres no need to con CERN. theyre a good bunch :p
    some pretty damn interesting stuff, though it's as bambam said. its not a huge nuclear reactor, its jsut so freakin big because it is amazingly difficult to control the kind of experiements they are doing. control, as in isolate, so they can record all of the data with out all this other shit interfering. like a few particles colliding, but with nothing else around it to interfere.

    either that or it will just reverse the Earth's polarity and rotation or something cool :grin:
  10. I know a fair bit about it and am not concerned at all.

    Anyone who is concerned usually turns out to be just afraid of change/unknown and they often believe science is some mystical unexplaineable magic when infact it is the exact opposite.

    I'm looking forward to some results. In the meantime the rival accelerators are pumping out as many papers as they can while they still have an edge.

    "I'm sciencing as hard as I can!"
  11. Large Hardon Collider 2: Sucked Into A Big Black Hole

    (ok, I stop now)
  12. I'm considerably more worried about riding home from work on a Friday evening (or any other evening come to that) amongst cars, at least some of whose drivers have been in the pub since lunchtime.

    Under those circumstances, my own personal world is much more likely to be ended by an SS Crumpledoor with a pissed dickhead at the wheel than by a bunch of very clever people with an enormously expensive research toy on the other side of the earth.
  13. does this mean my 50cc scooter will never get past 55km/h...? damn, i so wanted to be as cool as a motorbike rider while wearing a pleated skirt and cashmere top...
  14. Well said!!
  15. the author of that article is a flipp'n idiot.

    -if the LHC did create a black hole
    -if that black hole did interract with another particle before it evaporated (verrry slim chances)
    -if that black hole continued to grow (more very slim chances)

    Then, it would oscillate through the centre of the earth for billions of years growing very slowly with no noticable effect. In fact, the sun would have expanded past the earth well before this black hole gets us.

    regardless, if the earth did become a black hole then it would maintain the same centre of gravity, mass, and motion through space. The moon would continue to orbit this black hole the same way it has orbited the earth for billions of years.

    the second point you reffer to is strange matter which is highly theoretical. even if this stuff was created then the magnetic fields of the LHC should keep it all contained while it decays in an instant.
  16. this is happening anyway (polarity reversal), albeit very slowly. The LHC has no ability of the sort.
  17. I know very little about it, but Dr. Karl tells me it's ok, so it's ok!

    Also, Dan Brown & the LHC should not be mentioned in the same sentence, let alone Dan Brown & literature.
  18. Ps, they switch it on tomorrow.

    Well it's been nice knowing you all! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Have a look, this could be one of the greatest inventions ever.

  20. The better question is will it let global warming fanatiscientists say it's contributing to the Greenhouse Effect and make another "minor correction" to their data (coincidentally ensuring increased funding). :roll: