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Larger girl textile jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by missmakeupgrrl, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Im a newbie, so treat me nicely :D

    I've purchased a scooter, and I get my L's on Sunday. Im currently a sz 18-20, but im booking in for lapband sugrery on 8th of August (so hopefully not 18-20 for much longer) I need a cheap-ish jacket or something that can be bought in as I get smaller.

    I've been to Peter Stevens, and all those bike shops on Elizabeth St. So far I can't find any ladies jackets to fit me. Apparently I can get a dry rider but I really object to the style. I have a Opal rjays coming in tomorrow, which I am not sure if it'll fit either.

    Has anyone got any suggestions?

  2. Hi Ally and welcome to Netrider. Ixon have some nice jackets in their men's range which really look unisex to me. Check 'em out. Have a look on e-bay too.
  3. Another option is a nice leather jacket (not made specifically for a motorcycle). Some people would cry heretical at that advice, but I'm sure a good one would suffice. Depends also on whether you want armour (though if the jacket was roomy enough Mars Leathers could fit armour for $150). There are denim mc jackets around, or a Draggins Kevlar shirt (K-shirt) would do the job though might not be as convenient as a jacket which you can wip off.

    Welcome to the forum and to two-wheels!

  4. Hi Ally,

    As a gent who lost 22 kg in the past year, I know how tempting it is to buy gear in your "ideal size."

    However, there's no guarantee that the surgery will perform well, so I'd still suggest that you buy reasonable gear in your current size. Perhaps a textile jacket that has velcro straps on your waist.

    There's always the option to sell it when you are svelte.
  5. Thanks everyone for your replies. I was wondering if I was going to get flamed!

    Are kevlar jackets enough? Maybe just the black draggins denim one - they only go upto a ladies 14? I wasn't sure if kevlar was enough vs. armour.

    btw, im not going to buy in my ideal size. I want to buy whats right, for now. I just would prefer it so that I can strap it in if/when I get smaller. I have to go on optifast for 6 weeks, and im quite sure thats going to do something to my body shape!
  6. I have a ICON Nirvana jacket in black that might fit you - Think it's about an 18 (it's Waaaaay to big for me now). I work in the CBD if you want to meet up and try it on. Looking for about $100 for it.

    I also have a pair of Dririder summit pants in size 2xl that may fit too - Looking for about $130

    Send me a PM if you're interested
  7. Hi Ally,

    Good luck with the gastric banding. Where are you having it done?
    Only asking as I work in a horse-piddle that does a large number of GB.

    As for jackets, get yourself a winder rainproof jacket for now and as you loose weight, get yourself another lighter (summer) jacket.

    That way you have a reason to spend more money........not that you wimmen need excuses :p
  8. i reckon you'll be fine with the draggins kevlar jacket. of course, you cant really over-protect yourself, but i'm sure it will suffice.
    i certainly wouldnt be throwing money towards anything leather, as it will strech to conform to your shape, and definitely wont reduce as you do.
    good luck with the op, and welcome to both the forum and two wheels :)
  9. Nah that comes later, when you express an opinion. :LOL:
  10. Im having it done at Western Private hospital with Dr Nottle. Heard of him? What do you think of the op?

    Update: im going to check out the Ixon jackets and the Draggin. Woo. Options.
  11. You'll want to ask for a size 9 (about AU16) or 10 (AU18) in the Ixon gear - 10 is pretty hard to come by - the last time I tried to get a pair of pants in a 10 I was told the AU distibutor doesn't bring them into the country which has to be bollocks on some level because I managed to get a size 10 jacket.
  12. Yeah I know Dr. Nottle. He's highly regarded in the profession. The op itself is great. A few nurses at work have had the op done and they lost a massive amount of weight.

    As long as it is treated as an "assistant" and not a "cure" it will be successful.

    Some people go back to their old ways and eat the way that they used to effectively creating "another" large stomach.

    Good luck.
  13. The size 10 Ixon jacket that Holster's got sounds like it might be a good deal. The Ixon Nirvana jackets are a nice cut.
  14. Welcome Aboard Ally!
    Good Luck with the OP :)
  15. I'd love to try on Holsters jacket (can anyone find a pic?) But I can't PM until i've had at least 7 posts?
  16. [​IMG]

    It's waterproof and has a zip out quilted liner.

  17. Thats lovely. Would you mind me trying it on?
  18. She'll read this and PM you
  19. Johnny O, do you have anything at yamaha City. After all mate, you are the Melb accessories guru.
  20. We are already bringing something in for Ally to look at.