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Larger fuel tank - VT250F

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by DragonCypher, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. Basically I'm just after a few more km's out of a tank than I get now. I can run a full tank dry on average between 180-220kms (12L/2Res)
    Being able to top 300 before hitting reserve would be plenty

    The current fuel tank is attached by a single bolt at the back under the seat, and 2 'C' shaped attachments on the side which hold it in place.

    Eg. remove the seat, remove the bolt, then it slides back before lifting up free of the bike, I'm not sure how common that style is, but I assume its not UNcommon
    I can take pictures and measurements in any areas that may be of use

    I'm just wondering if there are any larger capacity tanks (such as VFR750 range, or anything really) that would fit with a similar arrangement

    Modifying the bolt hole to be in the right spot would be easily achieved, but the attachments on the side and overall shape would need ot be close enough as is.

    And finally, is it even worth it?
    If it can be done for under a few hundred, then I'd say it probably is


  2. My old 250 would get over 270km from 12L (13L tank). Perhaps have a look at how your bike is tuned and spend more time in sixth gear?

    I'd be surprised if a larger capacity tank would fit. Another option would be to fit a plastic tank in the rear.
  3. That's a fairly standard method of tank fixing, but specific dimensions might vary.

    Your best bet would be to find a friendly wreckers and see if they'll let you try various tanks in place until you find one that's close.

    Back in the days when I modified bikes a lot more than I do now, I tended to find that a physical fit wasn't hard to achieve, but details made life difficult, like the fuel tap on the tank from one bike, fouling the carb tops on the recipient. Nothing insurmountable, but a pain in the arse to fiddle with.
  4. 6th gear at 110km/h just so happens to be about 7,700rpm
    so i bet a smaller rear sprocket would lower that a bit, but then i would have virtually no acceleration at all, since its nothing fantastic as is.

    The only 'performance' modification is from when a previous owner hacked up the exhaust and made a 2-1 with a dodgy T-intersection and varying size pipes
    The carbs and jetting is all original

    Also the fuel tap is seperate from the tank and as long as the pickups for a donor tank are on the same side it should easily hook up.

    I could be wrong about this, but I thought carrying fuel other than in the tank was illegal, because of the spillage risks and all that

  5. Nup. Not in any jurisdictions I'm aware of anyway. Carriage of petrol in anything other than an approved container is illegal, but that's a "handling petrol" issue, not a vehicle issue.

    Attaching an approved container to a bike is a bit more of an issue, as even a five litre can is bulky and awkward to secure, whilst looking crap. If all you wanted was a bit of reserve, I'm fairly sure those little metal fuel bottles for Coleman stoves are petrol approved and can be strapped in place to resemble a nitrous bottle :LOL:.

    Is a 200 km range really that much of an issue for you? Both my bikes are sub-200 km to reserve propositions and I haven't found it to be that much of an irritant, even when crossing Australia.
  6. 7,700 rpm is already pretty low. I wouldn't take it any lower on a 250. For comparison, the CBR250 would do almost 9,200rpm at 110km/h.

    If the previous owner has hacked up the exhaust and hasn't changed the jetting, the AFR might be out. Or perhaps your air-filter is dirty and its running rich?
  7. I just dont like to stop unless I really have to, and although it does get 200km between trips it just feels like I've barely got going on my trip before stopping again for fuel
  8. Every 200km my ass is dead anyway and im happy for a break..
    I do second the idea about heading to a wrecker and see if theyll be helpfull enough to let you check out a couple of tanks.
  9. Yeah I still plan to go to one, despite the fact I haven't yet

    But I don't live within about 120km of a bike wrecker (200km+ if there isnt one in Toowoomba or Stanthorpe)
    And I don't have a running car to pick anything up..
    Found myself a luggage rack though.. and am staying in brisbane next weekend, so I may be able to strap a tank on the back if I'm lucky enough to find one.

    megaphat: Due to the dodginess of the exhaust, I really doubt the jetting would have been changed.
    But before tuning, I should get the exhaust fixed/done properly, which is expensive in itself.. then the tuning would be more expensive still, + the new jets

    Ideally.. it would be a lot better, but I'm a cheap ass and would rather just have more fuel available :p

    Cheers for the suggestions so far