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Large shoes/boots (Brisbane)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mitch12345, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Hi all,

    As always, finding shoes is proving next to impossible. I'm looking to get a short boot, not a full boot (not sure if this is the right term, basically a hi top shoe). I've tried the Alpine Stars size 48, seems like I would need about a 50 (typically I'm about a size 16US). Any suggestions on possible options for this size? Or even better, any stores in Brisbane I should look at?
  2. have you tried on line
  3. Daytona list their range up to size 49 but typically fit a bit bigger. I have to go down a size for Daytona.
    They also list their Big Travel boot to size 51 but that's a full height touring boot.
  4. Good luck, im only 15 UK and really struggle finding shoes...
    Interested to hear suggestions though.
  5. Can't really do it online, need to be able to try them on
    I'll have a look at Dayton, thanks :)

    Yeah, only thing I've found almost long enough were the dririder, but would need unusually skinny feet for them to fit properly.
  6. Had a look at Daytona but can't find any in Brisbane at a store to be able to try on before buying. Anyone know a store that stocks the larger sizes of shoes?
  7. Dainese have boots that go up to size 50 on their website - not sure if shops would stock all of the sizes - I have big, wide feet (for a girl!) and ended up getting size 43 mens - the women's only go up to 41! mine are the men's version of these minus all the colours and they are really comfortable - mine are leather
  8. Thanks, seems only the full boot they have in size 50 but not in the shoes, looking for a shoe really (sorry if that wasn't clear haha)
  9. no problem - just looked at a few random ones - hope you find what you are after. Have you thought about getting a pair made - not sure if the cost would be prohibitive but it may be worth a try
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