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Large ride through north ryde

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pat1967, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows what goes on through north ryde on a Thursday night ... I was working late and round about 9:00 there must have been atleast a 100 riders, mostly on sports bikes cruise down Delhi rd, while I was stuck in the office :(

    I've seen them before, whilst working late.

  2. Yeah that would have likely been north shore mc guys, they meet at the space station on some thursdays.
  3. What's the mc stand for?
  4. motorcycle club.
  5. ](*,) hahaha...thanks. 8-[
  6. Shuttup woman!
  7. It was the Sydneys Riders group http://www.sydneysriders.com/

    Did a loop up from Five Dock up to Bobbin Head last night, finished up back in North Ryde around 11.
  8. Cool, makes sense now ... it was an awesome sight to see.
  9. Haha... Thats called :eek:wned:!

    So seeing Im so fn slow in finding out where these meets happen and when, is it a Thurs night ritual, and can anyone just show up?
  10. read the website, says if you have 2 wheels come ride with us ](*,)
  11. Yawn* gettn there ...... thanks Dude!
  12. That explains the police presence out there. I was riding with my mate out that way and there was a sneeky radar setup that got my mate.
  13. there is an organised ride almost every night of the week now. SK tuesday, sans soucci meet Wednesday, sydneysriders(???) thursday. i know there is a group monday aswell, dont know their name but. saw a shit load of riders out last night aswell.

    i dunno is it me, or are the wollapers on an extended holiday atm? saw couple of RBTs being manned last night but otherwise i havent seen a cop in ages? seen alot more "hoon" behaviour from the cagers recently as well.
  14. I've seen a similar thing at coogee recently. would have been close to 100 riders if not more over about 10 min or so doing all sorts of stupid things ... good example of pack psychology really. anyway, I think it was a thursday night.

    The contractor operated speed cameras are coming. They are just practising for when there is no more road policing to do.