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Large helmet needed - Ideas please

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Byatch, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    A good friend of ours has been longingly watching us ride off for some years, unable to join us because of his finances. Now that he is slightly better off, he would like to join the rest of us motorcycling.
    Unfortunately, he has what has been lovingly described as a "novelty sized" head. We have had him to a number of motorcycle accessory shops looking for helmets to fit, and have thus far been unlucky. His head is far too large to fit into a Shoei XXL. The limiting dimension seems to be from the front to the back of his head, as this is where he experiences the most discomfort when go-karting.
    The best option we have seen is from HJC, their CL-Max II comes in sizes up to XXXXL, but does not appear to be available in Australia.

    Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. It is his 30th soon and this would be a perfect gift for him.
  2. If his head has a circumference greater than 62cm (off memory) it can have European, US or Jap standard (also off memory). So a lot more options buying over seas and cheaper.
  3. lol i wouldnt bother with an exemption and not for safety reasons either, you wouldnt get anywhere, cops would pull you over every 50 meters
  4. Na exemption is on AS standard, still need a lid. That thread started a little wrong. If you have a fat head you can have other standards and buy OS.
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  5. ahhh i see, thanks for that (y)
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  6. almost makes me wish my head were fatter, get one of those sweet Nexx XR1Rs or whatever they are
  7. Maybe @Takamii can make a custom one to size?

    i have 0 idea if this is possible, but figured id make the suggestion.
  8. Look at the OGK 2Xl size - I know someone who had the same problem and the OGK fit perfect
  9. I also have a novelty shape head, LOL longer from front to back. I found the Rjays fit well and also Arai. There is another way around it, but not particularly safe. If the problem is just the front of the helmet rubbing onto his forehead, you can get a dremel and shave some bits off to make it fit. Not a particularly safe option but better than riding with no helmet at all.
  10. Arai Vector 2 in 3XL fits my 64cm head just fine.
  11. I have a tall head, and so far only the KBC VR2R, Arai and Shoei have been a good fit for my XXL noggin
  12. We took him shopping weekend before last, and we now know this:
    XXL Shoei are no where near fitting
    XXXL KBC? open face fit over his head, but he cannot do the strapping up under his chin.
  13. ive got a XL Shark evoline.

    it puts some pressure on the front of my head, but the strap is super long. when i do it up, it reached back into the side of the helmet.

    but it all depends on what shape the head is, and in which direction it is 'novelty'

    my current challenge is to find a hat (fedora type style) that fits on my head... found plenty of 'XXL' and one size fits all that dont come close.

    i have asked a couple of people 'how many pixies do you have coming in here for hats'