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Large guy needs large advice

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Atticus Noob, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. Hey guys.

    Can I please get some advice from the experts. I have decided to get my 1st bike at the age of 30 and need some advice on the type.

    Just to give background, I have never been on a bike before and need an easy transition. I am 130kg and 1.8m tall so I would like biggish bikes so I do not look like a circus bear on a moped.

    I will be using it mostly for commuting to work on highways and later for weekend runs. Any advice on what I should be looking at?

    Biking friend of mine said I should look at adventure bikes (G650 GS, V Strom, Versys). Is this the segement I should be looking at for my weight and commute? I do like the idea of a straight position on the bike and a comfortable ride for long distance.

    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Welcome big fella. I would be looking at the ninja 650 rl ( assuming u need a Lams bike ) . Quality machine. Your going to need the cc to get you around. Triumph also do a 650 Lams bike. Depends on your budget I suppose
  3. Thanks basejumper. Budget problably around $12k.
  4. U can get a new one for $10k I think. Plus when u get your full license u can derestrict it. Definitely worth taking one for a test ride IMHO
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    Get yourself to a bike meet/swap or large dealership that has 2nd handy's. A few fibs to the salesperson may help. Sit on 'em. Lean 'em over to feel the weight. If it has a center stand sit on the thing on the stand & do a few grunty guttural broom brooms with you eyes closed. Feel good?
    Buy yourself some handlebars, 2inch risers are useful, (even better if the partner can oblige) & go to bed with 'em. No need for the helmet & gloves just yet :ROFLMAO:
    errr my sympathies Atticus NoobAtticus Noob ... it's never too late & seriously,
    Have you done your L's yet ? How did the 125's / 250's feel? Try as many as you can while your on the range. No matter what the instructor says you need to be comfortable with what your riding ... leg length, lever position etc.Try as many bikes as possible. Make sure all the levers are adjusted properly.
    Don't buy a bike without doing the training & you'd better make it quick if you haven't done this already ... there's a huge price increase comin' at yer.
  6. I came to Netrider a couple of years ago with almost exactly the same questions as you. I'm your height, and outweigh you.

    I have a similar ride profile - I commute 130kms a day, and when I'm not doing home rennos or doing stuff with the family on weekends I like to get out into the twisties.

    I ended up with with the CB500F. I've put 50,000km on it so far and it's been a great bike. It cost me $8k new, so well under your budget.


    I wouldn't say it's too flash for long distance. I've done rides to my fathers farm (~300km) and other day rides of 3-400km and I always end up with a sore bum. An airhawke may sort that.

    There's also a CB500X which is more advernture-esk, but not an adventure bike.

    So there's a couple to consider.
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  7. Considering the thread title, that did make me chuckle :finger:
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  8. G'day mate, i am myself a well proportioned hunter gatherer and am currently about to enter into the adventure/dual sport side of riding.
    I've been riding road bikes and dirt bikes for years, have a full licence and am nearly a year on from selling my dirtbike due to injury.

    I have a very similar budget and have been researching and test riding what's on offer in the adventure category...
    For a good all-round lams approved adventure bike, built for big tall gentle folk you wont find a better rig than Yamaha's Tenere 660.

    The ergonomics blew me away instantly and while the lams approved 660 motor won't set land speed records, it will supply you with good torque down low and cruise comfortably at highway speeds.
    Seat is comfortable, leg room for a tall bloke is better than anything I've thrown a leg over and with a taller screen you'll be as comfortable on board a bike as is possible.

    I plan to spend about a 80/20 ratio biased on dirt and will run tires to suit but, if my plans change and I end up commuting I'll just throw a set of road biased tyres on it and run up and down the old pac on it and love it.
    The bike is designed to transverse the country, go anywhere do everything and make it back... and plenty will attest to this, they're rugged reliable and would make a cracking first bike in my opinion.

    There's also plenty of mods to help squeeze a bit more out of that 660 donk when you start looking for a bit more.
    Don't waste your money on a new bike first time round and you can pick these up second hand from around $7500 upwards to $14500 new.

    That's my two bob, go and see for yourself. Sit on one and you'll see what i mean, everything else will feel cramped for space in comparison.
    Happy hunting!
  9. Try many, sit on em and ride the ones you like. Go from there. Suggest buy used first, as you may well drop it! Don't forget to buy decent gear, no used helmets please!

    If lams, go big, suggest 500+ cc to give you grunt down low. Adventure bikes have been mentioned, but there are some 500+ road bikes available as well. Don't go Chinese!
  10. Hey mate, i feel I'm qualified to comment as my credentials are I'm 6'7 and clock in around 160 kegs and I got my l's in December 2015. I went through exactly the same process your going through. I eventually narrowed it down to two bikes the suzuki vstrom 650 abs lams or the KAWASAKI versys 650. I chose the vstrom with the taller seat, upgraded springs front and rear. Extremely comfortable riding position. I suggest you google " motorcycle ergonomics" and look for a site called cycle-ergo. It has pictures of most common bikes and you can super impose a silhouette of a body your height to see the hip and knee angles. I have ridden a 350km round trip on this bike with no discomfort. You should just scrape in on budget.
    Let us know how you go!!
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  11. Scott and others who have mentioned the large capacity bikes are on the money. With $12k, you will get almost any LAMS bike new. If you will only have P's for a year, I suggest buying a good used, but somewhat cheaper example of the big LAMS bike that fits you, because you will be able to sell it for almost what you paid a years or so later, and then use that extra cash you saved to get a brand new large capacity machine.
    Stay away from anything "Sports" bike, and anything under 500cc
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  12. And budget for good gear.
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  13. If you are a new rider, be aware that the adventure type bikes are taller, and something like a Vstrom will feel top heavy compared to a cruiser. It is only an issue at very low speeds and when stopped, but it can be a consideration for new riders.

    As others have said, get into a bike shop and start by sitting on some bikes, as many as possible. I first chose cruisers as I liked their low to the ground feel, but migrated to a Vstrom myself after a few years.

    I would not suggest you go under 500cc.