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Large group of riders going west on Mona Vale Rd 10:30pm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thehinch, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Does any know if there was a ride planned on the Northern beaches last night? I passed a large group of motorcycle riders, on all various bikes, travelling west on Mona Vale Rd at 10:30pm last night 21st June.

    Was this an organised ride? Does anyone know any details about it? I'd be keen to join.

    jibber from The Hinch
  2. Sydneys Riders do a large group ride of a Thursday evening. I just checked their website and they were heading to Newport last night. They leave from Five Dock.

    Note: There is a difference between Sydney Riders and Sydneys Riders
  3. an 's' ??
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  4. No problems with your eyesight Hornet :D

    Yes, and they are two different riders groups, too
  5. Yep that was them, every thursday
  6. SydneysRiders is facebook orientated and Sydney Riders have their own website and yes Sydneys stole the name from Sydney, Sydneys is full of Rossi wanna be races and every ride involves an accident at some point as people are showing off to each other, the filtering that goes on at red lights is disgraceful also :)
  7. Actually, both Sydneys and Sydney have their own website............your right though Sydneys do the Thursday night rides and Sydney have their coffee meet on Wednesdays.

    Ive only ridden with Sydneys once.......a chance meeting on Old Rd. Its a bit chaotic for my liking, huge groups of riders who dont know each other, different skill levels, and different mentality.............so you get some young showoff's trying to keep up with skilled track day junkies. Something has to give.
  8. From last nights ride:

    So clearly it's good for some fun and a laugh.
  9. Yeh I've been on a number of rides with sydneys and every time vow never to go back. I've only ever gone on their old road and wisemans night runs, I can't comment on their poser rides.

    Basically it's like doing a track day in the bottom group. Heaps of people riding as fast as they can, 3 inches apart, dangerous as hell but yet frustratingly slow in the corners. If you go any less than wide open throttle on the straights you'll be overtaken by L and P platers, the same ones it took you 10 mins to pass who were crawling through the corners. Every time without fail I've witnessed a crash, a couple of times I've almost been caught up in it. Last one me and my mate broke off from the group and went off down old road at night together and my mate got picked off by the cops and we found a bike crash. And to top it off, the people aren't that friendly, I've found no one really introduces themselves etc so there's nothing in it for me. Their facebook site is good to read for a laugh. Look at the way these guys speak to eachother and you can see the correlation between that and their riding.
  10. I ride with them occasionally, mostly to be sociable as there are bound to be a few mates in the group...the bigger nights can see up to 200+ riders which is never going to be an easy thing to manage.

    The organizers have started to get a bit more serious about policing the rides, and telling the troublemakers to take a hike, but it is an impossible task really.

    If you know a few people, and treat it as a social event then it's a good night out...not the best riding experience though. Best strategy is to hang back at the back of the group where the traffic density is lowest, that way all the trouble will have happened in front of you....then skip the last stop to get to the destination and get your order in before the crowd arrives.
  11. I saw them about a month back and was stupid enough to join in on my Tmax scooter, fark. Very dangerous group of riders.

    Scared the crap out this little scooter duck. A lot of the riders took massive risks assuming that another bike would stay on it's line as they zoomed past me and others sometimes 2 abreast not only on straights but also around corners.

    I was genuinely shocked.
  12. The Thursday night ride is purely social now, there are far too many riders to have a decent squirt. Many of the previous comments are true, there are many inexperienced riders and many incidents...

    In saying that, this doesn't detract the 100+ riders that show up every week. You will find that any group this big has the same logistical problems. As Miraz said, the organisers are working on improving safety within the group and have approached several people to get them to 'pull their heads in'.

    I think Greg has done a great job in promoting a large ride group and great community. I know many people who have met through the group and have strong relationships today.
  13. I hear them quite often - I live at Mona Vale and they use Pittwater High as a meeting place after a quick squirt down McCarrs Creek Rd. Personally, I wouldn't be using McCarrs Creek Rd as a race track at night - too many wallabies around for my liking!
  14. Yeh your on the money.
  15. I'm curious, how does this differ from Netrider rides.
  16. Valid point
  17. Haha yes thats a good question. Yeh this is why I don't really do anonymous group rides anymore. Its good to meet new people so I get out on the odd one but nowdays I try to ride with smaller groups where everyone can be vouched for.
  18. I'm so stoked I chanced upon this thread. I bought a great jacket off a nice bloke the other night who mentioned Sydneys Riders but said there were some tools there.

    I shall avoid as suggested now. A nice mellow group is what I'd prefer.