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News Large Capacity Ducati Scrambler Comes Closer to Reality

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. Last February we reported on information from our sources both in European dealers and the factory floor in Thailand that Ducati was planning on expanding its Scrambler range to include a sub-500cc version as well as a circa 1,200cc model. The former rumour proved true with the announcement of the Scrambler Sixty2, and now there’s evidence of a big sized bike to join Ducati’s Scrambler lineup.

    At the launch of the new Scrambler Sixty2 this week in Spain, project manager Federico Sabbioni stated to British mag Visordown that “We’ve got the engines, there is room to make something bigger. We’ll see, we have a number of ideas and we’re thinking about it… there is a volcano of ideas.”

    “I think we will continue to apply this kind of engine, we have in the past made a number of different displacements of this engine so we have experience and room to do a different version in terms of engine sizing. There’s great possibility to stretch the brand with the 800cc engine, then of course there’s also the possibility to make the bigger engine.”

    That engine is likely to be from the now discontinued Desmodue Evoluzione motor, last used in the Monster EVO and discontinued in 2013.

    Ducati have been at lengths to emphasize that the Scrambler is a brand unto itself and will no doubt look to capitalise as much as possible on the early success of this retro machine. In addition to engine variants, don’t be surprised to see completely different bikes that trace their roots back to Ducati’s of yesteryear as well, including from what we hear some semi-faired motorcycles.


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  2. Wish they'd make an updated version of the Sport Classics, a 1,200 maybe. Would hands down be my next bike - come on Ducati, you have 8 1/2 months!
  3. Great, they can stick a beak on it and bring the Hypermotard line back where it belongs.

    The 1200 mill wouldn't look right in a Sport Classic, really needs to be air-cooled. The finned cylinders are an integral part of the look and there's nowhere to hide the radiator.
  4. Was what I was thinking too - but it'd need compete with the Thruxton R. Maybe they have a few 1100 evo engines lying about (i.e. That engine is likely to be from the now discontinued Desmodue Evoluzione motor, last used in the Monster EVO and discontinued in 2013).

    Had my first sit on a 959 this morning - first one in Brissy - mmmm!!!!! Only 8 months to go now
  5. Given how much they've invested in the Scrambler line, I'm not sure how much there is to be achieved by resurrecting the SC. Pretty as they were, they didn't exactly sell that well and the Scrambler has the retro thing covered pretty well.

    That said, I would love them to make an 1100 EVO Paul Smart, though.
  6. More's the pity, Bonnies, Thruxtons and RnineT's seem set to do well. Think they were just 10 years to early with the SC - if they built it a new Paul Smart would likely be my next bike.
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  7. Oh really.... Dream bike. This makes me happy in pants.
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  8. I think I just dripped drool on my keyboard.
  9. I want one bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Very pretty, I especially like the way the lower fairing narrows at the front ... which it can do because there's no radiator in the way.

    And if you're like me and you prefer your lower half exposed ...


    ... then it's gotta have the fins.
  11. I'd take either, but I think the red fully faired makes me harder
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  12. Each to their own. My point is, a Sport Classic will never look as good if it had a radiator and other unnecessary gubbins spoiling its lines.
  13. Hmm now if you are going to use that special colour scheme then it has to look closer to the original:

  14. Very nice, Al_CamAl_Cam, but we have to be reasonable. The Paul Smart replica is already hard to find and outrageously expensive for what it is; the bevel head original is in the realm of exotica.

    (And besides, I don't think that sexy Zard pipe will fit on the original.)
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  15. I think we can all agree that the Sport Classic is one dead sexy bike. Now excuse me while I go have some personal time in the loo...
  16. Now I'm glad I don't own either of those bikes posted in the pics!
  17. If all the things that could be improved OM that bike, more power is the last thing I'd do...... For a start they should put high quality brake levers on there, like a kymco scooter, not the flexi plastic ones like they have...
  18. Shut up and take my money, I'll have one in every colour