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Large bags

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MyoMan, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Hi guys any help on this is muchly appreciated.
    So for work I need to transport towels (12 bath towels along with 3-4 hand towels). I usually use my car to do this but I have been wanting to ride more and more and eventually ween out my driving needs.
    Anyway, I was wondering if anyway had any good recommendations of bags that could take that amount in one trip. I have a Suzuki GS500 naked. Ventura Rack on the back.
    I have previously looked at Ventura bags but don't know what size would suit me best. I have also gone into Mountain Designs as they have a large 60litre+ duffle bag range that riders have been known to purchase.
    And lastly I have been told about a man in Frankston (Andy Strapz) who custom makes bags.
    Like I said any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. I dunno if you are aware of it, but Ventura make some of their bags so that they can be zipped together.

    The basic idea is that one bag hangs on the rack at the back, and another one, zipped to the first, sits on the rear pillion seat.

    New Ventura bags ain't cheap, but I have to suspect that you have a good reason to want to transport so many towels.......

    These bags do last well. I have had one for quite a large number of years and, apart from some fading due to the sun, it's still in very good nick.
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  3. A duffel bag would be really easy on the gs, with it's tie down rails under the pillion seat.
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  4. Great idea!
  5. 12 Bath towels is a but load of volume in respect of motorcycle luggage.

    I dated a motorcyclist masseuse years ago who had the largest ventura bag she could afford on her 250 and would ride to jobs - but I'm not sure 12 towels would have fitted in. Suck it and see.
  6. For me when I take big loads I have a milk crate that occy straps on the pillion seat. It's easily removable when I don't need it and when I do take it it has the added bonus of tripping in volume by tying green bags to the top of it to hang off the side.
  7. Yeh I'm in a similar trade. I'm a Myotherapist and I use my own towels unfortunately. Now I'm trying to figure out how many litres 12ish towels are. Haha
  8. I had one of these RJAYS on my Ventura rack before changing to Givi stuff, pretty sure it would take 12 towels, about $150 from Bikebiz:

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  9. I don't know if this would work for you but have you thought of Vacuum clothing bags to compress the towels down. Dealing with used towels may be a problem though.
  10. Great idea. I appreciate the ingenuity but I don't think that would work.
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  11. But where will you strap the vacuum?
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  12. Just use the intake, simple
  13. Hi Myoman, I work in a canvas company in Bayswater if that's convenient for you. Australian Canvas Co.
    We can make any size custom bag or straps that you need.
    Personally I have an overnight bag that is 60l and expands to 70l, I made an all weather cover to suit for bike trips where it might need more protection.
    It just ties down on my rack.
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  14. That sounds great. I'll definitely keep that in mind. Cheers
  15. Bugger, I thought this was another epic boobs thread..
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