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Large ads screwing page layout

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SlCKB0Y, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. Hi. No feedback section so I thought i Might post this here. Mods: The ads below the menu are ocassionally very wide and mess up the site layout

  2. It's you.
    Never had a problem like that.
  3. Me either :-k :-k
  4. No problems my end, must be your browser or screen size. :eek: :eek:
  5. does it to me on the work computer too
  6. never seen that ad before, but you're right, if it was showing it would be too wide for the left bar and would throw things out.
  7. my replica ad is at the top,

    but at work i always have to scroll right to read all of the text.. . i think its just the resolution.
  8. Cant replicate the error myself

    must be a PEBKAC :LOL: :p
  9. I had that ad a few times last night, and yeah, it screwed up the layout like the pic...

    I've since seen the same ad wrapped, so maybe they've changed the layout of the ad?
  10. Screen dump

    Have a look at the screen dump, folks, it's either Mac or a non-Microsoft browser. This sort of thing does happen when web-pages are viewed on a browser other than the one that 99% of the world uses. Can your browser emulate IE? :)
  11. your only guessing that becuase he had a tab about linux open :p

    I had the same problem, but last night was the only time it ever happened to me, and it was always the race rep. ad.
  12. No it's because I install lots of printers on Macs and stuff!
    (as one of the sigs says, "Trust me, I know Stuff!"
  13. I was only teasing ;)

    Your theory might be right, I use mozilla. But I thought most ads were banners (like jpg or gif) and so wouldnt matter if your browser interpreted the cropping rules or whatever (having a dumb day) correctly as there wouldnt be any, the image is already the size its supposed to be when dl?
  14. No probs here

    Cheers 8)
  15. Re: Screen dump

    It's not a mac problem
    I use a mac and have never replicated the problem.
    Must be a browser issue.
  16. Thanks all .. it was a Netrider problem.

    A briefly incorrect configured setting for our new advertiser within our advertising software. It hung around for a few due to said software using image caching. I cleared the caching this morning, and no-one should be experiencing this anymore.
  17. It's not a problem for me.
    browser: Blazer
    Platform: Palm